Trust = Happiness =Success

Who do you really trust? Do you feel better when you have people you can trust? Do you notice people that have confidence in everyone are always so happy and free? It doesn’t natter that you think they’re naive. 

Do you have people or companies that provide service to you that you trust? I have a few people I go to that I trust and it gives me some freedom. I go to a tire place that I also have change my oil, and I go to a chiropractor that has my trust. I’m not foolish, and yes, I pay them, sometimes quite a bit, but I know what I’m getting and I don’t question the charges. 

What does it take to build that trust and create a sense of freedom from the stress of spending? How do I know they’re being honest if I don’t know their job? If they’re looking out for you, you’ll know. This goes exactly the same way with a coach, or trainer. My tire guy tells me when I still have life on my tires, and how many miles. He rotates my tires, the ones I bought from him, for free. If I get a nail or something in there, he fixes it at no charge. When it comes ro my oil and brakes, he gives me the option of buying my own parts. This lets me know he’s not looking to get an extra fee by over-charging for parts. And he doesn’t lie to me about time. I give him my keys and he outs me in line. He doesn’t let his guys mill about and trusts his guys to get the work done. 

My chiropractor shows me exercises to do at home so that I never have to see him. He also charges the same price, whether he does extra work on me or the same routine alignment that I initially went in for. He knows me, knows what I do, and calls me out when he sees that I’m not doing what I should be. 

I also have a mechanic that I go to that I know only stays in business if he continues to work on vehicles. I don’t trust him as much to look out for my best interest and it makes ne think twice. This creates hesitation in accepting the things he tells me and settles a little bit of stress on my plate. 

You should be able to trust your coach to be doing right by you and your best interest. Many people I talk to may not like the way I tell them things, but I only care that they are doing the work that will serve their best interest in the end. I don’t want to be a lifetime coach. I will, without hesitation, but the goal in coaching is to give you the knowledge to be successful on your own, not be dependent on your coach. Everything I tell you will be honest and from the heart. It will be for you to accept responsibility and understand what happens in each scenario you create. 

When you’re happy, you’re successful. Having less stress, trusting more, creates happiness. The more you don’t worry gives you more opportunities to smile and accept life. This leads to more success. 


If you’re like me, you get wrapped in things you are trying to accomplish, even when most of your time is spent with work that is not in-line with what you want. 

Take a break. Make sure you are doing things that you like to do. Things that relax you. Things that interest you. If you do not know what interests you have, that is a perfect time to take a break to find out. 
I was out of town for work this week, by myself, and decided to take advantage of my time by doing things I don’t normally get to do. I made friends with some people that were there from all over the US and decided to hangout with them over a 3 day period. There wasn’t much do in the small town we were in so it wasn’t hard to want to do something else, but we had to drive a ways to do anything. 
I hadn’t played golf in at least 8yrs, so when a couple guys asked if I wanted to, I couldn’t agree fast enough. It was cheap, convenient and wasted some time I had had available, and there was no pressure to be good, which benefits me because I am not. I actually planned on heading out to a place in the middle of nowhere for what was advertised as an amazing steak with another group, but couldn’t pass on a little exercise. Key word, little. 
I decided I’d take a trip out the land of steak on the last night I would be in town, but there was no way I was missing it. I found out another guy that was there alone wanted to go too but didn’t want to go alone, so we made it a date. On the way out we made a stop by some gigantic satellites. It was also the first time I had seen wildlife that didn’t include bats, roaches, and jack rabbits. 
The first full day I was there we went to some old fort, which wasn’t much of a fort, way out in the middle of nowhere. Finding something in the middle of nowhere, of the middle of nowhere is actually not to easy. On the way back we stopped at a “restaurant” that featured on FOOD Network. 
I wasn’t there for a vacation but figured I would probably never be there again, so why would I pass on the experiences I may never have. 
The countryside was beautiful and the steak was fantastic. Everything outside if this little town was great. It felt good to get away from what I had planned, to actually enjoy my time with new friends, and to just get out. 
Now, my wife didn’t seem to happy that I treated it like vacation since she wasn’t there, but she gets plenty of time to do things she wants so I want give it another thought. 
Take care of you, so that you can take care of others. Life is about balance. When is the last time you checked your balance? Wether its wealth, or wellth, you need to make sure you are managing it better. Even if you think its good, I’m sure you can find ways to make it better. 

The travel struggles

I’m out of state for some training during the week and finding it more than difficult to get back on track with my eating. I haven’t been doing as well as I should be with all of training and programs I’ve been working on. 

Yes, I know, that’s just an excuse. Believe me, I know, and I’m working to knock the dust off, which seems to be getting harder and harder depending on where I am. 

This week, I am in New Mexico, in the middle of nowhere, and I figured that being in a small town would help me eat good and workout while I was here. 


This town is tiny, hot and full of fast food restaurants. For as small as it is, it has a Walmart, 3 Dollar stores and every fast food, and pizza chain you can think of. I had to go to the store yesterday to get bowls and salad stuff to make my own salads in my room, along with a smoked turkey leg to pull apart for protein. 

Wish me luck. Everything around me is setting me up for failure. I need to get nack in track before I head out to New Orleans in October, because you know its going to be hard there. 

I actually went for a short run, when it cooled down, and hit their tiny gym. I planned on swimming but the pool in their photos is much bigger than their actual pool. 

For all of you who think I don’t know the struggles of life’s normal stress and it impacts our attempt at good nutrition, I live it everyday. I have the same stresses that keep you away from exercising as well. I’ve taken plenty of breaks during these times and I know how hard it is to get back. You just have to take the 1st step and not get discouraged. 


 After several years of trying to get a program into an area of concern for good men and women of our protective services, I was called upon to help create a program with attainable and sustainable goals of health. I couldn’t be happier with a meeting that has never happened in an industry that has more concerns that most. These men and women deserve something for their daily efforts and have gotten next to nothing for decades. I am so honored to be part of this, and excited for the progress this department and community are about to go through. 
All of my tireless nights of research and experience have been called to do a great service. If you know something is needed, keep pushing for it. It will come if you’re heart and efforts are good and consistent. 

I cannot wait to put this program in motion. 

The hang-ups

What’s done is done. The matter what you’ve done you can’t go back and change. Don’t let it affect your future. If you made a mistake, and you apologized or made any effort to make up for that mistake, you’ve done your part. If someone’s done you wrong and they make no attempts to make it right, let it go. Let them go. There is no use wasting anymore of your time on stress that lowers your quality of life.
It’s hard to realize what these things mean in your life, but if you care to build your wellth, you need to understand to make them a smaller priority.
No matter how you stand on the issue of religion or any other group, you have to respect those that only care for good or peace. And I was watching a Sunday ministry while doing some work. Actually, somebody had it on in the background and walked away, but I left it on. Anyways, what he had to say was true and should be refreshing for those who listen. He talked about “peace stealers.” He talked about the interruption of peace and life by those who look to put negative energy on you. 
If you believe you’re a good person, and that you’re not a “peace stealer,” you could be wrong. You could be stealing your own peace if you continue to think about what could be different.
For the last few months I’ve had this friend, mentor, who hasn’t been speaking to me. I don’t know what I did wrong, but it’s obvious I wronged her in some way. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I did when I came to the conclusion that I just need to do what I need to do. She had already done so much for me that I was already going to give her and her husband a gift. I was finally able to deliver that gift today, at least the receipt of it, and I was done with the process. If I had done so wrong if she could avoid or ignore me, I didn’t mean to keep bothering her, and I didn’t need to keep thinking about it. 
I reached out, with no response. I now, I have given her a gift in appreciation for all she has done. Not that one gift would repay everything I feel she deserves, but it’s something she never asked for. I am not looking for a thank you or an explanation, only to not feel burdened with the thought of the trail of some kind. 
We cannot fix everything, especially what we don’t know. There is no reason to hold onto things the damage us on a daily basis just so that we can have closure on something we didn’t know we opened.
If you feel like you are holding on to something waiting for an answer, go out and make one last effort to close that door. After that, let it go. If it’s meant to come around again, Enclosure needs to happen from the other side, it will happen at another time. Maybe even a time you were more prepared. Don’t let it damage each day you have.
Where you may not think it’s a big deal, things like this can affect your eating, physical fitness, home life, etc. 
In case you haven’t noticed, when walking the path barefoot, it is the smallest pebble that creates the most pain, just like a splinter that stops you from working with large pieces of wood.
Holistic living is understanding that all pieces of your life affect the other. You cannot have problems with your relationship and think that your exercise and food will not be effected. You also cannot lose sleep and think that it will not affect your job or personal relationships.
Prioritize your wellth. Focus on yourself and your life will follow, as long as your goal is good.

Judgement based health avoidance

I may have written about this before but sometimes I look at myself and get really annoyed. I am not where I want to be and it is my fault. I can make changes very quickly, and that benefit is going away quickly because I am getting older. How many people do you know that won’t accept the health of a healthy trainer because of how they look. Yes, some are way out of what they should be to be taken seriously, but many are in great shape and u healthy people will not ho to them because of appearance. 

It takes a vast amount of dedication to get into top physical condition and stay that way. And for competitors, it is even harder. This seems to be an issue for some because they feel like trainers who are too muscular, or too thin, cannot possibly know what that person needs to be healthy, or they don’t want to look like that trainer. 

A very large trainer doesn’t set out to make their clients look like them. It might not even be possible for them to look that way. And a thin trainer does not only know how to make someone thin like them, but that’s what people think.

I know, its ridiculous, but its completely true. There is a large number of people that think that way when they start looking at getting into shape, or just being healthier. They think those types of trainers are not healthy. Trainers are there to help you be a better version of who you are, modeled after what you want and educating you on the things you don’t know. 

I have, for a number of years now, stayed away from building myself up or letting myself get too thin. I am trying to push a program of total wellth. Full holistic health, if you will. If I get myself to a level that unhealthy people can’t compare themselves to, they will stay away, and if I run my ass off, people that want to build think I cannot help them. 

“I need to look like I am a doughnut away from being overweight, and a plate of spaghetti away from being normal” -or maybe a few plates. That is a thought I have, and its proven correct on many occassions. I have kept myself within a healthy range but off the mark I want to live at in an attempt to help more people. I have finally put a program together for a needed industry and I am ready to put myself on the level I deserve. 

Don’t assume people who look different than you want to don’t have to capability to do so. They are usually the ones that want to help most and have the most knowledge. Are them some knuckleheads? Yep!!! Are there some people people that don’t have a clue what people need? Absolutely!!! The difference is, its your health that is what should be important to you and putting it off because of assumptions and judgements is only hurting you and those that want to see you happy. 

Be smart……. Talk to people who are successful at what THEY want to be, and maybe you’ll learn what it takes to be what you want to be. It won’t be their fault if you fail. You are the one proctastinating.

You can’t be wellthy if you think health has one face. Help other help you.

A Wellthy brain is something you cannot replace.

I choose to not sit still. Just when I free up some time from educating myself, I find something else to educate myself on. It is not that I can’t sit still, its that I choose not to. My brain will keep running, thinking of things that can get me into trouble, so I keep it occupied with building wellth, so that I can build wealth.

I completed another certification in something that can help people live healthier lives. I love learning things that can extend life, or make short lives happier, but I don’t often move in a different direction to learn things that I am not so good at. I am away on training for two of the next 3 weeks and decided to do just that. I do not know a lot about computers, and the awful things that people choose to do with them, like steal others identities to profit from them. Because I don’t know that much, I have chosen to dedicate much of those off hours to learning more about IT, Information Technologies. Anything you learn can end up helping in an area you are already pretty proficient. Its all about seeing the same side of a coin from a different angle.

Anything you do to learn helps the cells in your brain and body grow. That growth helps in the stimulation of new cells that are formed to replace the ones that are dying out. Remember, if you are not moving forward, you may not be moving backwards, but others are moving ahead. I am heading to a life of possibilities that  could include the worst forms of dementia, cancer or any number of diseases or disorders that are claiming our futures. Even though I eat relatively healthy and am relatively active, I, like a large number of the world’s population live a life of stress. And for too many, like myself, who have careers in fields that are focused on the welfare of others, the stress is in overwhelming favor of shorter, painful lives.

Create Wellth that can improve your quality of life, no matter what you do. Focus on your sleep, your nutrition, creating new habits of exercise and positive emotion. No matter what you believe, the life you have now is the only one you are guaranteed and what you can pass on is the only legacy you will ever have.

What are you worth? What is your WELLTH? What is the wellth you will pass on to those who are watching and learning from you? Learn something new and smile at someone you don’t know, each day. You never know what e/affect it will have on tomorrow.

Live well today for a brighter tomorrow.

Building Wellth

Understand that there is a difference, besides spelling, between obtaining Wellth and, Wealth. It is likely you will come to value your wellth more than any wealth you can accumulate.

We have constructed our lives around what minimizes our stress, by creating more stress. We need a roof over our head, food on our tables, and clothes on our backs. These 3 needs can create a great deal of stress depending on where we choose to live, or are forced to.

The stresses we allow to affect us are how we control our wellth. We have built stress while taking away sleep. These two factors are the main cause of our change in eating habits. The change that comes from any of these factors leads to the decline in our emotional and mental health, along with our obvious physical health.

Awareness is the key to making any changes that need to be made. Paying attention to our physical and mental markers of health will lead to quick responses and maintenance of our overall health.

This is only the beginning. I have been off of social media and away from sharing any blogs because I have been trying to do good things for different groups of people in our society. I keep learning new things and transferring them to programs, but not sharing them here. I may not be your go to, or only source of health, and I shouldn’t be, but I do want to grow that knowledge, share it, and be the brand you go to and share with those you love.

I am now a Certified Sleep Science Coach. What does that mean? Well….. it only means whatever I can turn it into. I want to make people’s lives better. Because that is a seamlessly endless endeavor, I continue to seek the most important aspects or, failures we face, to make that happen. Learning about physical fitness and nutrition is a daily update, so that will always continue, just as anything advanced with nutrition. The basics of nutrition will always be the same. I decided to switch my main research to psychology for those reasons. You can coach someone to exercise and eat in specific ways but what affects them on a daily basis will always intrude on good habits. Knowing how to help those internal areas will always be more important than trying to have someone focus on the external desires and needs because of that.

I decided to take it another step further and learn about sleep brings our wellth down, and how improving on sleep can grow us to unimaginable new heights. This is more true in terms of those who work late shifts or try to fit in exercise or eating before bed, because they are taking care of their families after getting off of work. Yes, there are more important things than getting our health in order…… right????????

Remember to put your oxygen mask on first

Changing the future

I think it’s time we start looking at our value, and our legacy. What are we passing to the next generation? What are leaving to those we knew, and those we didn’t?

While our society seems progressive and rich, the poorness of our culture is astoundingly visible and ignored. Our human purpose is to grow and gain knowledge before passing it to the next generation, who passes it to the next and so on. That’s what our genes do, and that’s what we do as well, emotionally. 

As cultures moved to new climates, the climates created change in our bodies that had to adapt to the new climate. For some, skin got lighter, hair got longer and muscles adapted to the work that had to be done. As these climates stabilized, those changes were passed down through ancestory and we are what we are now because of it. Our bodies have a purpose of survival and passing on knowledge. What knowledge are we passing on today?

Children now believe that money is the #1 source of both happiness and power. That was passed to them in just the last half century, through a mix of two generations. Think about how long genes have been thriving and continuing to pass surviving knowledge on. Deep down, we know love, compassion, community, as well as famine, hate, greed and violence. Which do you think has been more predominant in the last century?

You will die, it is a clear, proven fact. How will you be seen when you pass? Will people try to be like you in a good way, or a bad one? Will people talk about you in reverence, or in plight? 

You will not take money with you , and who knows the value of that money once you pass, but you will leave a mark. Will that mark be a stain that you can’t get out with the strongest cleaners, or will it be a star that is looked at as an example of humanity? 

Time is the only thing of real value, and how you spend it is remembered above all things. How will you spend the rest of your life? What will your legacy and value be to the next generation?

Value your wellth and use your time wisely. It’s the only thing you have that is of value to everyone, including the future.

Self Awareness

Do you know where you are failing? Do you know how what you said was wrong? Do you know how much you are poisoning yourself? Do you realize how you are hurting or deflating your child? Do you realize the implications of your actions?

Do you care?

It would probably be best if there was something that contained a thought before it spewed from you mouth, so that you could check the thought for relevence, truth, respect, love, or any other number of feeling induced emotions. Sometimes we don’t have that kind of time, so it comes out. Can you realize the wrong in your statements or actions after they are said or acted out? Do you know where in your life you are, relative to where you want to be?

I spoke of distractions before. Distractions are huge in today’s society because there are so many of them. Not only can you be distracted by today’s gadgets and trends, but you can be blinded by them. 

How is a girl supposed to know what is correct in personal behavior towards society when she is mimicing someone that lives in a box? This obviously doesn’t just apply to women. Let’s take music. A huge trend in music today is “Gangster Rap.” 99% of this music type labels women as “bitches” and not havingmuch  worth, except physically. If the youth of today is listening to this, what are they to believe, especially when parents are not around to adjust their misguided thoughts? 

Boys will think of girls as possessions, not to be treated the best, unless they value those possessions. Girls will think they are meant to be treated this way and see the boys giving this treatment as doing it the right way, based on a wrongly accepted trend. Girls are happy to be called “bitches” and believe that the name calling and physical abuse are forms of affection that is defined in the lyrics of today’s storytellers. This is not self awareness not is this normal behavior that should be tolerated. 

A girl, taught self awareness, can stamp out this behavior knowig that she is worth something and can navigate a larger portion of her life towards a goal of happiness and success. A boy being shown that girls treated better will treat them like kings, will be more aware of what he gets in return and learn to continue the good treatment. Once aware of the problems, and shown the benefits, we can quickly catch the mistakes we make and correct the behavior towards a happy result. This happens in every part of out lives. 

Let’s say I have a very busy day. On top of my busy work day, I have a homework project to complete by the end of the night and I promised my significant other some quality time. To relax a little, before I get into my project, I decide to go on my tablet and check in with my village, on whatever game I’m playing. How many times a day do you think you escape reality to check a game, or a social media site? Do you know how long you actually spend on them? Do you know how much you could’ve gotten done all day had you not spent hpurs of your time occupied with another life?

We must be more self aware of the what we are doing and how important the goals we have really are. We must be real about how important the people in our lives really are. We must be aware of things we really are not that good at, and where we can go to improve. 

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to success. The most successful people in the world are busy doing the things that they love and that made them successful, until they have the time to get off task. Most of them actually schedule a time and length of time that they can interrupt their day, on purpose. Could you do that?

What are you giving your day to, and how much are you giving away? Have you reached your goals yet?