Trust = Happiness =Success

Who do you really trust? Do you feel better when you have people you can trust? Do you notice people that have confidence in everyone are always so happy and free? It doesn’t natter that you think they’re naive. 

Do you have people or companies that provide service to you that you trust? I have a few people I go to that I trust and it gives me some freedom. I go to a tire place that I also have change my oil, and I go to a chiropractor that has my trust. I’m not foolish, and yes, I pay them, sometimes quite a bit, but I know what I’m getting and I don’t question the charges. 

What does it take to build that trust and create a sense of freedom from the stress of spending? How do I know they’re being honest if I don’t know their job? If they’re looking out for you, you’ll know. This goes exactly the same way with a coach, or trainer. My tire guy tells me when I still have life on my tires, and how many miles. He rotates my tires, the ones I bought from him, for free. If I get a nail or something in there, he fixes it at no charge. When it comes ro my oil and brakes, he gives me the option of buying my own parts. This lets me know he’s not looking to get an extra fee by over-charging for parts. And he doesn’t lie to me about time. I give him my keys and he outs me in line. He doesn’t let his guys mill about and trusts his guys to get the work done. 

My chiropractor shows me exercises to do at home so that I never have to see him. He also charges the same price, whether he does extra work on me or the same routine alignment that I initially went in for. He knows me, knows what I do, and calls me out when he sees that I’m not doing what I should be. 

I also have a mechanic that I go to that I know only stays in business if he continues to work on vehicles. I don’t trust him as much to look out for my best interest and it makes ne think twice. This creates hesitation in accepting the things he tells me and settles a little bit of stress on my plate. 

You should be able to trust your coach to be doing right by you and your best interest. Many people I talk to may not like the way I tell them things, but I only care that they are doing the work that will serve their best interest in the end. I don’t want to be a lifetime coach. I will, without hesitation, but the goal in coaching is to give you the knowledge to be successful on your own, not be dependent on your coach. Everything I tell you will be honest and from the heart. It will be for you to accept responsibility and understand what happens in each scenario you create. 

When you’re happy, you’re successful. Having less stress, trusting more, creates happiness. The more you don’t worry gives you more opportunities to smile and accept life. This leads to more success. 


If you’re like me, you get wrapped in things you are trying to accomplish, even when most of your time is spent with work that is not in-line with what you want. 

Take a break. Make sure you are doing things that you like to do. Things that relax you. Things that interest you. If you do not know what interests you have, that is a perfect time to take a break to find out. 
I was out of town for work this week, by myself, and decided to take advantage of my time by doing things I don’t normally get to do. I made friends with some people that were there from all over the US and decided to hangout with them over a 3 day period. There wasn’t much do in the small town we were in so it wasn’t hard to want to do something else, but we had to drive a ways to do anything. 
I hadn’t played golf in at least 8yrs, so when a couple guys asked if I wanted to, I couldn’t agree fast enough. It was cheap, convenient and wasted some time I had had available, and there was no pressure to be good, which benefits me because I am not. I actually planned on heading out to a place in the middle of nowhere for what was advertised as an amazing steak with another group, but couldn’t pass on a little exercise. Key word, little. 
I decided I’d take a trip out the land of steak on the last night I would be in town, but there was no way I was missing it. I found out another guy that was there alone wanted to go too but didn’t want to go alone, so we made it a date. On the way out we made a stop by some gigantic satellites. It was also the first time I had seen wildlife that didn’t include bats, roaches, and jack rabbits. 
The first full day I was there we went to some old fort, which wasn’t much of a fort, way out in the middle of nowhere. Finding something in the middle of nowhere, of the middle of nowhere is actually not to easy. On the way back we stopped at a “restaurant” that featured on FOOD Network. 
I wasn’t there for a vacation but figured I would probably never be there again, so why would I pass on the experiences I may never have. 
The countryside was beautiful and the steak was fantastic. Everything outside if this little town was great. It felt good to get away from what I had planned, to actually enjoy my time with new friends, and to just get out. 
Now, my wife didn’t seem to happy that I treated it like vacation since she wasn’t there, but she gets plenty of time to do things she wants so I want give it another thought. 
Take care of you, so that you can take care of others. Life is about balance. When is the last time you checked your balance? Wether its wealth, or wellth, you need to make sure you are managing it better. Even if you think its good, I’m sure you can find ways to make it better.