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Ever wish you could go to one place and find any health, fitness or mobility professional you could want, esepcially local to you? I have been working on such a network and I’m hoping to bring it to you soon. I would love to go on with more details but some things are better left secret until they’re ready to blow your mind. 

Comment or email me with your interests and if you are certified in any such field, contact me to become a member of the network that is going to change the industry standards and expectations.

And thats just the start….

AGL Wellth Initiative

The theory of RELATIVity

We all get genes we aren’t happy about, passed down through ancestors we curse. Some get genetics that others would be happy to call their worse piece of lineage, others get, well….screwed. Its unfortunate, truly and remarkably unfortunate. Incase you didn’t know blood types are responsible for a good deal of terrible circumstances.

There is some good news. Believe it or not, you can slow or negate some conditions by avoiding the path your predecessors walked down.

Lets say you have a family tree of O blood type, strong relatives. Maybe there’s a history of obesity, early mortality and/or diabetes. It also just so happens that many of your family recipes involved  a high volume of bread, pasta, fried foods and sugary drinks…. Well thats an easy one, as long as you don’t have a problem slapping grandma in her face during family events.
Look, its your life and if you want to avoid the inevitable, in most cases, you’re going to have to stand up to your family, and possibly change their lives for the better as well.

Without researching, or just reaching out to people who care about your health, like me and MANY others in the industry, you can look at your family members that you may not want to emulate, and do THE OPPOSITE of everything they’re doing. Just start there if you “don’t have time” for the more precise methods. If they’re inactive, be active. If they’re not very health conscious, start paying attention to what you’re eating. And as far as calorie intake, slowly decrease your calories if you know you eat far too many.

I do not tend to preach calorie suppression below normal natural calorie burn because your body will react pretty harshly to the thought of starvation if you do it to drastically and it will stick somewhre you may not like.

You can still enjoy your life, and possibly even more so than before, but it is imperative that you are conscious of what you want to change and what you are willing to sacrifice.

Love yourself and love your future

Be someone’s motivation. 

Be excited about your goals. Talk about your workouts in such a way that the other person can’t wait to get started, even if they’re technically in better shape than you. Share your enthusiasm to the extent that you get excited thinking about the next day’s workout. Ask your friends to join in whatever you’re doing. 

Not only will this boost your own motivation but it will dampen your thoughts of discomfort while working out around others, boosting your confidence and deminishing your hesitation to do progressive workouts. 

You will also realize that it is more fun to struggle through workouts with others, accomplishing more together than you thought you could alone. This will spread throughout your circle, creating a tighter, stronger group, making it less likely to quit on your goals when things get tough. 

Inspire, no matter how much work you think you need. Growth is in the attitute

Take a day to reflect

One if the most important things to remember is to reflect on your goals, and why you started them. 

Take a day each week to give your body the treat of relaxation. During your time spent at changing your life, you need to give yourself a day off from the strain of lifting weights, running, biking, swimming or whatever else you’re using as a growth-or shrinking- tool. Rest is the only way the body recovers and changes. Muscles are built in the recovery stage. 

Take the day today to play with young family members and sit around listening to your friends or family who aren’t making efforts to change their life for the better. Use it to fuel your emergenge and motivate them to get on your level. Most of all, use this day to think about the goals you have and why, and regain focus if you’ve had any rough times this week. Setbacks are ok and can be used as a much greater catapult in the near future. Realize the small progress you’ve made as progress and keep it going. 

Happy Easter FitFam

After further review…

We all see the diet companies advertising like crazy to everyone, promising amazing results to everyone. You know the culprits, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc…When you have a 50% success rate, you are making enough to continue business and dupe 50% of the people you know it won’t work for into giving a few months worth of payments to give it a try.

These companies are not in the business to see the results through as the health of the people they are helping is not their main concern. Customizing plans to individual needs is far too much work for these companies to spend the extra time, even though their customer retention would be higher. But with a heavy turnover, why should they care?

The truth is, we are not made the same. We used to be, but history changed that. The reason type O blood is universally accepted is because it is inside all of us. Over time, several occurrences forced a change in our molecular structure, creating Types A, B and AB blood types. Along with these changes were changes in the body and acceptance of foods that weren’t prevalent years before.

This is the reason Paleo, Beach Body and Mediterranean diets do not work on certain people. Along with the different ways we eat are different ways we workout. Our bodies, depending on our blood type -our genetic history- are more accepting to certain foods and activities, more so than others.

Just to finish this off before I go into a very deep discussion: blood types O and A make up more than 80% of the population, splitting the number nearly equally. Type A has increased over the years with all of the migration from Europe and Asia to America. When thinking of the foods we eat, think about this, Europe and Asia have a VERY low population of obesity. They have eaten the same foods for thousands of years, the foods their bodies are accustomed to over that time. Most of America’s population is type O, the O-riginal blood type, when many foods were not around, mostly foods that are grown through agriculture. Type A, the A-grarian blood type came after. They are more accustomed to farmed foods, but not necessarily meats.

If you are type O, eat foods that are naturally grown, and proteins that are found in the wild, and stay away from grains. Type A blood types have more of an issue with animal proteins, but use grains for energy, where type O does not need grain carbohydrates to power their bodies throughout the day. Type O responds better to quick movements and full body exercises, while type O responds very well to longer slower movements and heavy isolated weights……Hunting and chasing large animals, as opposed to farming land and using tools, and lifting.

Changing your habits toward what your ancestry dictates will increase your progress. Once you have leveled off your habits, you can slowly introduce other foods and exercises.This is already longer than I wanted to make it but I can go on with this kind of stuff forever. I hope you enjoy it.

The chicken or the egg?

Don’t care which came 1st? What if mattered to your health? Not the chicken/egg thing, but what came 1st. Are you not working out because of all the stress in your life, or are you stressed out because you’re not working out?

No matter how motivated I am sometimes, if I get into the gym with 1000 things on my mind, its hard to focus on my workout and I get angry when I’m done. Its a slow process, but necessary, VERY NECESSARY. Just get in and get something done, it will wear down your worries, eventually, if you can’t do it yourself. This is a good time to do some cardio, a VERY good time to do cardio. 

If you feel like a punching bag, set up a punching bag at home. If you have a bag at home you don’t have to go far when you start to feel a little stressed, and when a neighborhood jog isn’t enough. 

Just remember, 98% of your problems aren’t worth the trouble of sending your life spinning out of control because of them. Stay active, give max effort and love the best you can. If you do those, you can’t feel bad about anything that happens because you’ve done all you can. 

It takes time….

I used to believe you could just go out and get it done, no matter how far, and without worrying too much about injuries. Truth is, I was WRONG, flat out. It takes time to build up your distance without causing other injuries, and many preventative measures. Let me tell you what I’ve found to help the most, to keep you motivated and on the road to fitness and constant fat loss:

Warm-up: Depending on the distance you plan on running, this is very important, as well as a cool down. For shorter distances and at a slow pace, a walk will do, leading into your jog. For longer or faster planned exercises, a 5-10 minute warm-up, followed by a light stretch should be mandatory. A warm-up can be anything that elevates your heartbeat above normal and begins to loosen the muscles you’re going to be using. This will keep you from getting minor injuries, or having minor injuries turning into major ones.

Stretch: This is very important to avoid most injuries. Do not stretch without 1st warming up, and make sure the stretch lasts 35-50 seconds.

I’ve run distances up to 13.5 miles and during my recovery this is what I am doing now, and my plan going forward. If you’re just starting out give this a try to avoid doing too much strain and/or injuries so that you can last more than a few weeks in your new program: I have a route around my house that’s 2.5 miles.

Week 1walk for 5 minutes, jog for 2 minutes, throughout 2.5 mile distance. That gets my heart pumping, gives me more than 30 minutes of activity and eases my legs into distance running while breaking up the pounding my knees and ankles take……. Done Tuesday and Friday

Week 2walk 1/2 mile, jog 1/4 mile, throughout 2.5 mile distance. This increases both the walk time and jog time in some cases, but keeps it close and because you’re doing it another day, your muscle endurance increases a little…….Done Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Week 3– walk 4 minutes, jog 2.5 minutesTuesday and Friday

Week 4– walk 1/4 mile, jog 1/4 mile. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Week 5– walk 3 minutes, jog 3 minutes. Tuesday and Friday

Week 6– walk 1/4 mile, jog 1/2 mile. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

This is what I am doing, based on my past and my injury. If you feel stronger after a few weeks, do what you feel strong enough to do. You can see I’m taking it slow but you can see that there is a pattern. On weeks I run for 2 days, I run more, and on weeks I run 3 days, I run less, but there are more days so the muscle endurance is worked.

If your attempt is to lose weight by doing cardio, mix it up, do cardio a few days a week and on alternate days do squats and lunges to build the muscles you’re using. Fat will melt off and you won’t look like a pole.

Everyone has set backs, but how you return from them shows your character.

I know how hard it is to start working out, or restart for that matter. Mustering the energy to start, when you’re so comfortable not failing. Feeling that “I used to be faster than this” exhaustion. Just feeling the exhaustion, and only minutes into the workout. Its hard, whether you’re starting or restarting, you know you need to do it and you dread every rough breath you’re going to take.

The best part is the part you don’t think about, the way you’re going to feel a month from now, a year from now, or even a decade from now. I used to hate running. Did I say hate? I meant to say I would murder running rather than do it, unless it was short distance. I always said I wasn’t made to run long distances. I still feel that way but because I’m a rebel, I continue to try.

I broke my leg in October, last year. I am now at the point where I can begin to get back to where I previously was, if not beyond, which is my goal. I have to come back quick, due to occupational reasons, but there is another reason, and all of you will get the benefit. A way for not so aerobically conditioned people -such as myself at this point- to get going safely, and with great results that come pretty quickly. I have bad memories of a quick progress training program though.

Several years ago I was just out of a relationship and did exactly what we do when we’re newly single, find a way to get through it. For me, it was something I wanted to do for quite sometime, run a triathlon. Two things came into play for the long injury I would soon obtain, but the reasons were the same, and they were both my fault. I can talk about that training at a later date, but for now…….

I pushed myself to do a 1/2 Ironman, even though my goal was just a sprint. Incase you don’t know the difference; its like going from swimming across a large pool then riding a bike to the corner market and jogging to your nearby friend’s house to, swimming across your favorite lake then biking to your auntie’s house in the next major city and finishing with a run to her favorite hillside make out spot, but not to make out with her. The difference is huge and I hadn’t reached any of the distance by themselves, let alone successively.

When I got Plantar Fasciitis I had nearly reached my goal, and in only 45 days time, against the training I signed up for. What did I need them for? I had too many issues to train as hard as I did, and not too long after I ran a 1/2 marathon, I didn’t run for over a year. Safe to say I will not be making that mistake again.

No matter what level you are, listen to your body, but most importantly, take each slow step as an accomplishment and keep the momentum rolling.

Just make sure you take the step……….

Summer bodies, strengthen your game.

Unless you’re a teenager, fitness lifer, methamphetamine user or malnourished, your abdominals won’t be featured anywhere on this planet, yet!!!!

Around this time of year is when you see all of the moves to collect your hard earned cash in exchange for a beach ready body. Here’s a few truths about that mid section you want to see in the mirror:

1) You cannot have a six pack without proper, disciplined nutrition

2) You cannot focus fat loss to a specific part of your body

3) You don’t have to eat like a bird to shed all of that protective lining around your abs

If your refer to my previous post, I do not approve of dieting, nor the term being used for a permanent state of nutrition. Its kind of stigma, like you are eating less because its the only thing that can make you the person you want to be. A strategic assault on your health is a proper way to look at healthy eating. I will talk more about this in later blogs, I really want to focus on this sexy summer body thing for now.

When you don’t have enough food, your body will cause problems for you, so keep it fed if you want to meet your goals, just feed it right.

Which body type would you rather have? Think of each rock as your meals. On the top is breakfast, middle is lunch, and bottom is dinner. Each rock is like a battery, giving your body energy. The smaller rock provides the least amount of energy. You get the picture, hopefully. Saving your most powerful battery for the time you do the least amount of work is inefficient, thus creating a storage, and in this case, waste, or WAISTLINE, if you prefer.

Focused workouts…… Fat is burned throughout the body when you are active, but it is burned faster where the fat is less dense. This is why obese people usually look pear shaped as they begin to lose weight. The fat loss rolls from the head to the waist, thinning out the least dense areas first, leaving the naturally storing abdomen and hips for last. Building muscle in the areas you want the fat gone will produce more success because it lessens the density allowed in that area. Building muscle also speeds up your metabolism and makes your body a more efficient fat burner throughout the entire day, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT DOING A THING!!! Imagine that success story.

Sidebar: I get frustrated hearing people talk about doing an inordinate amount of cardio to lose weight faster. STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!! You lose more weight because you burn the muscle straight off of the body, and the weight really isn’t that significant. Muscle is harder to build back up when you finally notice that your physique is GONE!!!!!  For women, muscle is what gives you your curves, the parts of your body you like the most. For Men, its a little different, but same same…… Instead of all that running you want to do, doing squats while you watch TV will serve a better purpose. It will build muscle in your glutes AND CORE, burning fat faster and creating a midsection and lower body you are happy to wear a larger pant size for.

Finally, calorie intake is important when looking at what your goals are, especially for bikini season, but how you receive the calories is what’s important. Focus on quality, not quantity. You can literally eat all day long if you wanted and still only intake 1500-2000 calories. I’ve done it!!!! And I ate good too. Those rocks that you’re basing your nutrition on need stability, so healthy snacks need to be ingested between them to keep your appetite in check. OH YEAH, the most important thing you can put in your body is water, seriously!!!!!!!

For more details on all of this, ask and you shall receive.

The key to your goals, longevity.

While everyone is interested in a “quick fix”, the key to meeting your goals, in reality, is planning for the long haul. Not too many “get rich quick” schemes work out too well. Building a foundation will keep you going longer and you will be much more satisfied with your final results when you understand the work it took to achieve them.

Using the term “diet” automatically lets you lock in the notion that a temporary change in your eating habits will fix the problem. It took years of bad habits to get you to a place you want to make an immediate change. Why would you think it would be an instant change to fix it? Fitness professionals must keep up a specific lifestyle just to maintain what they work very hard for, and there is a reason, so why would it be different for everyone else?

That being said, its not really that hard, it just takes dedication. Once you realize its dedicating yourself to your life and dreams, it doesn’t seem so bad, and honestly, done the right way, its really not. You don’t have to avoid everything you love, or even eat like a bird, you just need to be conscious of what your are doing.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a rut, or not meeting your full potential? When you get your body in tune your mind will follow, and things will start to fall into place. Stress, anxiety, depression, these are all things that can be regulated much easier when you feel better, and without harmful drugs.

Lets start to change the way we see the world, and how we live through the time we have left in it.