A break doesn’t mean a decline…….. in all cases. 

I’ve been gone for longer than I wanted, but back with more fantastic thoughts. Obviously that’s my hope, not your experience, most of the time. Hopefully there’s 1 thing I give you to think about or learn. And truth be told, I didn’y want to be gone but sometimes my work gets a little hectic and when I’m not working, I get out of routine and sometimes my life keeps me from doing what I really feel good about. Well, incase you missed my posts at all, I’ll get back to it and hopedully you get a little of something you’ve been needing or wanting to hear, or maybe not wanting to hear. Let me know. 

I was a little busy this weekend with my 15 year old, Nathan, which I’ll explain, and from the feature picture, you should be able to tell what it was with. 

I love building things, creating useful items out of throwaways, and if it can help me create healthy life choices, IT BECOMES A PRIORITY. Another family member loves helping me as well. Unfortunately, he usually makes more of a mess than helps clean. 

I needed to complete this smoker project. Mainly because I really wanted to smoke some food. I have been dying to get back into things I love, and this is one I had been working on with my son. We built a smoker out of a wide file cabinet before this, and lets just say, I didn’t have the opportunities to use it. This would be different. 

I wanted to use an external charcoal heat source but I was challenged as to how many times I would actually use this and the small investment I made to getting some parts to turn it around. I have a gas/coal grill already and found that the grills and coals bin fit perfectly in this bakers cabinet, so I improvised. I needed to use this immediately because I wasn’t going to be called out onto the floor and not perform. 

While I come up with the right external choice, I knew I could make some modifications that would yield immediate results, so I setup to get a test run in yesterday. 

I did some hard work getting the thermometers in after removing them from the file cabinet and on we went with test #1. 

We went out and picked up a tri-tip amd some salmon. The goal wasn’t to get the meat/fish done properly, but to get the heat and coal burn measured and adjusted the best we could. I have to say that after a few adjustments a few hours into the test……… Success

So mouthwatering delicious…….

I can now smoke meat for entire event, in just one setup, and I don’t yet need the external heat source. This shall do nicely for great weekly prepping and parties. 

Not having to monitor a smoke because its timed accurately leaves so much time and freedom to prepare meals, many meals, for the family. 

If you can’t tell, I’m stoked about this!!!!!

Please, let me know if you have questions or suggestions, on anything…..

Thanks for the time

The weight loss fad that’s bad….

There are a lot of people I know taking the “easy” way out, and because I have a relationship with them, I hold back from lecturing them on the basics of nutrition. This goes against who I am completely, for the most part, but its their lives. 

I admire it that people who are, or feel overweight, want to make a change. That’s step one, and its AWESOME!!!! But doing it the wrong way can have consequences that make it hard for them to continue healthy lifestyles. 

Weight loss “Doctors” are handing out pills to women that cut calorie intake waaaaaaay down. The prescription is to load for 2 days, then spend the next weeks staying below 500 calories. 

Its good that most of these people aren’t exercising, in the way that it would create more of a caloric deficit. I love that they want to make a change, but I would prefer it be in the right way. Maybe its just me but I hate seeing women lose muscle. Muscle is the hardest thing to get back, especially if you’re cutting calories. 

There needs to be an uprising in the industry. We need a healthy change. What better industry to create a healthy change. 

A sad state of affairs, but a reminder to stay healthy and full of Wellth

Not just the U.S., but the entire world is in a dark place. I’m taking a small step away from workouts, nutrition and personal solace to grieve the loss of life. 

Bad, regretible choices are made every day by people with great intentions, but moments to make them, and families to go home to. Bad choices are also made everyday by people who feel no remorse and incite violence everywhere they go. 

These people are different but the world has taken a turn towards the people who protect it. It has been a slow transition, which started some time ago, but has become something we must now acknowledge and figure out how to fix it. 

We can have people who are put in positions to protect and make them feel safe and protected while they work, or we must remove them all and take our chances. 

I’m not too sure of how many will agree with the more extreme of those options. 

Now we get into where everything connects…..Wellness…..

Our world is now overrun with mentally unstable people, as well as radicals who may not register as mentally ill. There are far fewer people in this world willing to put their lives on the line than there are willing to take lives without reason. 

Working out, meditation and any means you can think of to reduce stress are just that much more of a necessity. Eating right in this high process world is that much more important. Staying away from negative influences is that much more important. 

Before anyone decides to mark me as a strong police supporter, let me make myself clear……. I AM A VERY STRONG POLICE SUPPORTER…..

Like EVERY job in this world, there are people that slip through the cracks and have alternate goals, but there are not many. You cannot hide that long, especially in todays camera and social media world. Today we have gang members joining the military just to learn tactics and teach them to their gang. 

Just like we cannot say that every person in a specific classified group is the same, we cannot say that every person in a job is the same. 

And fighting what you classify as targeted violence, with targeted violence is not a solution to any problem. 

Keep your mind right, do what you need to do to keep your affairs in order, and love your neighbor. 

Stay healthy and build your Wellth.