Changing the future

I think it’s time we start looking at our value, and our legacy. What are we passing to the next generation? What are leaving to those we knew, and those we didn’t?

While our society seems progressive and rich, the poorness of our culture is astoundingly visible and ignored. Our human purpose is to grow and gain knowledge before passing it to the next generation, who passes it to the next and so on. That’s what our genes do, and that’s what we do as well, emotionally. 

As cultures moved to new climates, the climates created change in our bodies that had to adapt to the new climate. For some, skin got lighter, hair got longer and muscles adapted to the work that had to be done. As these climates stabilized, those changes were passed down through ancestory and we are what we are now because of it. Our bodies have a purpose of survival and passing on knowledge. What knowledge are we passing on today?

Children now believe that money is the #1 source of both happiness and power. That was passed to them in just the last half century, through a mix of two generations. Think about how long genes have been thriving and continuing to pass surviving knowledge on. Deep down, we know love, compassion, community, as well as famine, hate, greed and violence. Which do you think has been more predominant in the last century?

You will die, it is a clear, proven fact. How will you be seen when you pass? Will people try to be like you in a good way, or a bad one? Will people talk about you in reverence, or in plight? 

You will not take money with you , and who knows the value of that money once you pass, but you will leave a mark. Will that mark be a stain that you can’t get out with the strongest cleaners, or will it be a star that is looked at as an example of humanity? 

Time is the only thing of real value, and how you spend it is remembered above all things. How will you spend the rest of your life? What will your legacy and value be to the next generation?

Value your wellth and use your time wisely. It’s the only thing you have that is of value to everyone, including the future.

Self Awareness

Do you know where you are failing? Do you know how what you said was wrong? Do you know how much you are poisoning yourself? Do you realize how you are hurting or deflating your child? Do you realize the implications of your actions?

Do you care?

It would probably be best if there was something that contained a thought before it spewed from you mouth, so that you could check the thought for relevence, truth, respect, love, or any other number of feeling induced emotions. Sometimes we don’t have that kind of time, so it comes out. Can you realize the wrong in your statements or actions after they are said or acted out? Do you know where in your life you are, relative to where you want to be?

I spoke of distractions before. Distractions are huge in today’s society because there are so many of them. Not only can you be distracted by today’s gadgets and trends, but you can be blinded by them. 

How is a girl supposed to know what is correct in personal behavior towards society when she is mimicing someone that lives in a box? This obviously doesn’t just apply to women. Let’s take music. A huge trend in music today is “Gangster Rap.” 99% of this music type labels women as “bitches” and not havingmuch  worth, except physically. If the youth of today is listening to this, what are they to believe, especially when parents are not around to adjust their misguided thoughts? 

Boys will think of girls as possessions, not to be treated the best, unless they value those possessions. Girls will think they are meant to be treated this way and see the boys giving this treatment as doing it the right way, based on a wrongly accepted trend. Girls are happy to be called “bitches” and believe that the name calling and physical abuse are forms of affection that is defined in the lyrics of today’s storytellers. This is not self awareness not is this normal behavior that should be tolerated. 

A girl, taught self awareness, can stamp out this behavior knowig that she is worth something and can navigate a larger portion of her life towards a goal of happiness and success. A boy being shown that girls treated better will treat them like kings, will be more aware of what he gets in return and learn to continue the good treatment. Once aware of the problems, and shown the benefits, we can quickly catch the mistakes we make and correct the behavior towards a happy result. This happens in every part of out lives. 

Let’s say I have a very busy day. On top of my busy work day, I have a homework project to complete by the end of the night and I promised my significant other some quality time. To relax a little, before I get into my project, I decide to go on my tablet and check in with my village, on whatever game I’m playing. How many times a day do you think you escape reality to check a game, or a social media site? Do you know how long you actually spend on them? Do you know how much you could’ve gotten done all day had you not spent hpurs of your time occupied with another life?

We must be more self aware of the what we are doing and how important the goals we have really are. We must be real about how important the people in our lives really are. We must be aware of things we really are not that good at, and where we can go to improve. 

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to success. The most successful people in the world are busy doing the things that they love and that made them successful, until they have the time to get off task. Most of them actually schedule a time and length of time that they can interrupt their day, on purpose. Could you do that?

What are you giving your day to, and how much are you giving away? Have you reached your goals yet?

Distracting the new breed

Are we in trouble? Generations before this we grew up outdoors. We played and talked with our friends and family and we discovered hands-on. The innovative kids got help from their friends to build things that all of the kids wished they had, and they shared it. If they could not accomplish it, they enjoyed the task and it usually led to the accomplishment of some other challenge.

Do you think its possible that the accomplished business persons of today could slow or even stop the inventive process of today’s generation by flooding their possibilities with distractions? Is there a controlling last stance to keep what they have before the new intelligence of the world rips it from them and their children? It’s definitely worth looking at, don’t you think?

Every day there is a new mobile game released, video blog recorded, ridiculous story that gets way too much attention, that youths and young adults try to conquer or emulate. While this does not seem bad on the surface, the actual accomplishment, unlike an energy breakthrough, is mundane. 

People are watching other people record their lives, and sometimes they are watching other peoples’ lives on another device, or playing a game that just keeps adding content to keep it relevant and addicting. What life are they leading? What challenges are they facing that help society grow and succeed? 

We are distracted by the work of people who focused and succeeded to reach a goal, hoping to reach a similar goal but never realizing that the focus is being stolen to avoid new success that would knock them off their perch. Another controlling factor in this is that the same people who were successful and most likely had help and did what they needed to reach that goal are the ones telling you not get distracted with the negativity of others and that it is so simple to do the work yourself. 

I found myself distracted a short time ago. In fact, I still find myself distracted at times, but I’m more aware of it now. The problem today is that it starts at a younger age, and with less adult support and foundation to create awareness. My next post will be on the importance of self awareness and societies loss with the lost art of observation. 

Pay attention to how much time you spend doing other things after setting a goal or realizing a dream. While there may be less help in accomplishing a goal than previous generations had, there are also more obstacles and distractions that pop up, like senseless video logs about being a rich kid that gets to shop all day, or video games that you have to check in on at certain times to reach the next level or prize. Don’t get me wrong, I love games, but I realized a short time ago that I am very competitive and don’t like to leave things incomplete, so once I start a game, I progress and try to be the best. When I stopped working on things I wanted to accomplish in my life or time passing without moving forward with something that was important to me, I had to stop playing around. Self awareness!!!!!

Once you realize that you’re doing something that is stopping or slowing momentum on a project or important task, its time to look at what you are doing and what message is being seen or ingrained. 

And if you need any help, I am here to help youneasure your wellth