What are you doing to protect yourself from the views of the world?

With all of the filtered hatred, misunderstanding and misinformation handed out by our trusted media, what are you doing to protect yourself from following in the footsteps of the masses, the hypocrites, and the ignorant?

Watch your WELLTH!!!!!!!

The only thing in this world you can control is you, your words, your actions and your reactions. Don’t let the mouths of the weak affect your strengths and understanding of how the world is supposed to work. 

Keep your body fit for the run-around, your mind fit for the barrage of idiocies, and keep your soul fit for the voyage. Do right by your family and spread a message of love. There is a false narrative that I believe can be put to shame with few words and actions, but only through the strength of the true followers of peace and unity. 

There is going to be a violent outbreak of unhealthy individuals. These individuals carry no specific tag around their necks, be it color, religion, or political agenda. These people only continue with their lives with the understanding that they are better than others. 

We are only better with each other. We can only survive with each other. We are stronger together. Focus on the love for yourself and your family. Focus on the love you share for life. Focus on love, and the understanding of the need for one another. 

Be well within yourself, and then you can help make others well. 

Stay away from the poison of the media and political strategists. Open your heart, and your mind and find someone to comfort. Confront the differences in one another and embrace them for the lesson they are about to teach you about life. 


Find someone different from you and spend 5 minutes with them. Give them a hug, speak peacefully and hug again. Embrace the differences in each other and become stronger together. 

A reason for WELLTH….

Why should I really stay on a path of “wellness”? I live healthy enough. 

Do you truly live healthy enough?

Do you feel “lucky”?

Depending on who you talk to, all of life is either connected or you fall into a category of “lucky” in some aspects. 

I always feel lucky, unfortunately, lucky doesn’t feel me. Anyone else feel this way? I can’t go into a casino and win to save my life, but I can fall asleep while driving and wake up at my exit without injury to myself or anyone else, as far as I know. This doesn’t happen anymore because I’m much more aware and cautious now than I ever was, and it was never due to sustance abuse, just over-working myself. This leads me to the idea of a Wellthy life. 

We are now steered into a life of constant stress. We over-work ourselves to try to reach our goals. We ignore basic health needs to make up for other things we shut ourselves out of due to these work/goal oriented behaviors. Its a domino effect.

Take away the time we need to take care of our basic human health needs and they start to fall. For some, these dominoes fall much faster than others. How well do you control your life? Are you mentally and physically in sync? 

If you aren’t able to take care of yourself, how can you possibly be in any condition to treat others the way they need to be treated? Your significant other, your children, your friends, your coworkers, and even strangers, are they getting the best out of you if you’re unable to treat yourself the way you should be?

This is just to give you something to think about…… We all need a reset once in awhile. We also all need help once in awhile. Know that the goal means more than insigificant set backs along the way. People won’t look down on you for small things that are meant to help you and everyone around you when treat everyone as though they are important to your life and success. 

Your firness helps your attitude and your nutrition helps your fitness and attitude. Opening your mouth when you have problems helps you control how you maintain your life, and your health. Be positive with others and let that empower you to be positive in life. That positivity will create “luck” in your life, leading to wonderful things because you don’t dwell on the negative. 


What’s your narrative???

On this day of National remembrance, I remember the good, the bad, and the unrecognizable past. No matter the narrative you put behind the towers incident, several things happened that are disrespected and/or forgotten to this day. Innocent, hardworking lives were lost when fanatics used planes, full of other innocent lives struck the heart of a city full of heart. And in another part of the country, brave individuals on a plane possibly saved more lives while risking their own. 1st responders of all backgrounds ran into a situation that they could have easily saved themselves from, just to attempt to save the lives of anyone they could, from any background, without hesitation. This country’s history is built on Americans making sacrifices for the right reasons, without hesitation or thought to their own fates. That should be what we remember. And then there’s the other narrative. 
15 years ago today, many things were different, yet so many things remain the same. While men and women who make the choice to help others every day lost their lives doing just that, other men and women fraudulently used American kindness to forward their own lives on the backs of innocents. 
The trend, since this day 15 years ago, is to besmirch the names of those that sacrifice themselves every day in the name of freedom, while opportunist criminals are allowed to take advantage of their communities and its members with advocate support. Capitalism is clearly more important than community. 
As far as the NFL, its players, and its motives, here are my thoughts. You hire police to protect your consumers every day, and former police to investigate your assets. You make money on the back of your players’ health without remorse while making millionaires of criminals and wonder why they do stupid things, then selectively enforce their criminal actions based on your ratings. You fine players for speaking their mind and celebrating personal success and remembrance of heroes, while allowing the disrespect of the flag you “honor” each event, and the people you pay and request to protect your interests during those moments. 
We do not have a race issue in our country that is further damaging us, we have a priority issue that is destroying us. We have an issue with who is in charge of the information we receive as American citizens. We have an issue with who is respected and shown as “role models” in everyday life. 
Today, remember why the flag is important, and who was lost during the greatest and worst moments of the evolution of this country. Remember that while we have the freedom to speak, we also have the freedom and responsibility to invest some sort of effort and intelligence to the subject we wish to open our ever widening mouths about. We have children that in a large majority will have no idea how to fight through adversity or work for what they want or believe in. And while most like to believe we have freedom of speech, more speech is taken away from us each day in the name of “being offensive.” Our “freedom of speech” is really a hypocrisy that favors the loudest and those that mean to gain more from it while giving the least. Which company are you allowing to profit just because you are too ignorant or lazy to do what all of history’s advocates have fought for? Whatever background you have, are you living up to your American advocate’s legacy, or following the narrative of an opportunistic zealot? 
On this day of remembrance, get your head out of your asses and do just that, remember what and who has been lost in the name of “The American Dream” and what you are doing to further that dream, or if you’re just trying to take advantage of ours contributions. 

I think we’re losing focus of the reality that seems to be getting further away. 

I don’t have an issue with strong or independent people. I think everyone should have a goal of being both, but the reality is, we as humans are built to have a limit in both areas.

As independent as you think you are, you count on others for something, and if you don’t, you are missing something. 

As strong as you think you are, you have weaknesses, and the stronger you portray yourself to be, the more weaknesses you have. 

What ever happened to being a good person?

We have more people in this world with goals of being strong, independent, wealthy, and the ever growing trend of being taken care of by everyone else. 

What happened to the goal of being a good person? What happened to showing your strengths by helping those who need help finding theirs? What happened to proving your independence by teaching someone how to be independent, the way you are. 

The fact is, by advertising your “strengths”, you are proving your weakness, and by broadcasting your “independence”, you are showing how truly needy you are. 

We cannot survive and have the lives we want, good lives, without the success, the unity of a majority. We can be stronger, more independent people by helping make other people, our neighbors, our family be stronger and more independent. 

Our focus has become a blind selfish goal, disconnected from the reality that if we don’t all succeed, we all fail. 

I want to see people healthy, truly healthy, and while I need to survive, I don’t need to outshine those people, only take what I need and help them get what they need. Being good people pushes more people to be good, and shines a light on the true oppressors. 

Be GOOD, be WELLTHY, spread the WELLTH…….

Reward yourself with the things you love, when you want them.

I have really done very well lately, and not because I was going to be heading to a rib cookoff, but because it was what I had done before and had to get back to it. Having the rib cookoff coming up was certainly a great motivator though. Leading up to the long awaited trip, I stuck to very small amounts of bad fats and little to no carbs. My body works very well with this combination and I still have the energy to get in all the exercise I want. 

Knowing what works for YOUR body is the ABSOLUTE #1 key to meeting your goals. If you are still looking for the things that your body doesn’t like, put off that plan of healthy eating and weight loss. You will only be met with frustration. For me, if I stay away from grains and high carb meals, the body feels wonderful and the energy stays constant. But I am O bloodtype, so it may not work for you A, B, AB weirdos. I also do not do well with Dairy, and nobody does  well with Processed or fatty foods.

With the meals I make, I can eat all day and still feel like a million bucks, and shed fat off my physique. Alcohol is probably another thing that is very important to avoid, if possible, if you want to dump that loose luggage. 

So coming to the rib cookoff wasn’t as big of a deal as it normally would be. Plus, I actually didn’t do too bad. Not everything I ate is pictured, but I’ll give you a quick rundown. 

The day we arrived, I had to go directly to the event. It was a little past lunch and we were already almost 2hrs behind schedule. The original plan was to eat lunch, go to the hotel to relax a little and go back for dinner. It didn’t quite work out that way. Here’s day 1, all within an hour of arrival. 

  • Pulled pork nachos
  • Large margarita x2
  • Soft/hot pretzel (garlic/parmesan) 
  • Brisket sandwich
  • Ribs (2)

Now, I shared most of that, so its not all that bad. I don’t normally eat cheese, so the nachos were actually probably the worst thing for me, but they were so damn good. It was all too much for my wife, who really just wanted the nachos, and the margaritas. 

We left after getting a quick view of the venue, thinking we were going to return later that night for more outstanding food and live bands. We ended up choosing to relax a little and get a nice romantic dinner at the Italian restaurant in the hotel/casino.

We ended up being too full to take advantage of all the good things we saw on the menu. Not that we didn’t get everything we wanted from the menu, but we didn’t scarf it all down.

We picked at the wonderul fried calamari, we only had 1 or 2 pieces of the bread basket, we shared a Caesar salad and I only ate 2 of the 4 Kobe raviolis. She got some good pasta, which she hardly ate, but loved. The real reason she wanted to eat there was because her favorite dessert is Creme Brûlée, and they had it. She was too stuffed to order it so I told her I would split it with her. That’s why I told her I wouldn’t finish my food. So we ordered that as well. 

Day 2 was pool, spa and return to cookoff day. We started the day off with room service breakfast. I had eggs benedict, which happens to be my favorite meal to try everywhere I go. It wasn’t so good here, but the massage I would go to next was well worth it. I met miss thing out at the pool and we planned to return to the spa for its other amenities, which included different temperature pools, comfy chairs and very little noise. We then went to the spa, had a few drinks and grabbed a snack before getting ready for a night out on the town.

We split a meatball sub. Don’t judge me…

We finally made it back to the cookoff and went after the other dish she couldn’t wait to try, pulled pork mac’n’cheese. Yep, you heard me right. I had already had the pork, brisket and ribs, so my only mission was a funnel cake. 

I also really wanted some cornbread, but that didn’t happen. I’m probably better off. Here’s a rundown of cookoff day 2:

  • Pulled pork mac’n’cheese (this was a sandwich but we got not bread)
  • Ribs (3)
  • Margarita
  • Ribs (4)
  • Funnel cake (with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream)

Our plans for the rest of the night went out the window after she got ahold of that pork mac’n’cheese. When we got to the hotel, she was done. Lights out!!!

I had to have a root beer to wash down the filling food I had, so that counts against me as well 😔, but I don’t feel bad. Even after the amazing sandwich I stopped for on the drive back home. 

That is something that is not on, but should be added to the menu. I needed something healthy, so I made my own sandwich. That masterpiece is between 2 thick slices of sourdough bread. The ingredients:

  • Pastrami
  • Over medium egg
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • Sprouts
  • Onions
  • Honey mustard

What a great end to the midweek foodfest vacation. 

My point in this is, if you need a reason to eat healthy for almost every other day of your life, think of these days of absolute joy, and spread them out. Doing this gives you a great reason to keep it going every other day and gives your workouts a little more meaning as well. 

You can have these meals when you put the work in during the times that count. 

I came back and burned about 3500 calories yesterday and 5000 today, so I really don’t feel bad or notice the difference on the scale. Plus, having those extra nutrients in the bank gave me a little more energy to kill my workouts. 

Enjoy your wellth. Do what you need to in order to eat what you want to.