Landscape and Life

If you’ve never done your own yardwork, you’ll never understand the relationship between the two. If you ever want to teach your children a life lesson, this would be the best opportunity. 

Look at a beautifully landscaped property. Now ask yourself if that family does the work themselves or if they pay someone to do it for them. If they pay someone to do it for them, what are they doing with that extra time? Are they working, using that time spend as a family, or just sitting around? Is that beautifully landscaped property yours?

Landscape takes time and effort, just as life does. You have goals for it and you want those goals represented in what is seen in it. You can’t just mow the lawn and leave the edges, and you certainly can’t make the lawn look beautiful and allow the surrounding plants to grow out of control and take the complete beauty away from the whole picture. This is probably the why most people don’t take the time to do it themselves. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Tend to your own garden”? If you let your garden go unmaintained, and comment on others’ gardens, you are speaking and acting out of place. If you allow others to maintain your garden and have the energy to speak on other gardens, you are out of place. This is society now, this is life, not that its right.

Put your hands in the dirt that surrounds you. Level your grass. Trim your plants. Have a relaxing drink and look at your landscape. Where are your problems? What looks out of place? What do you have a problem with? If all you have is a few areas that that need to be trimmed, you should feel lucky and take the short time to take care of it. Then figure out how to maintain it. If you’re like most of the world, there are weeds to deal with, which aren’t so easy.

If you have kids and you haven’t laid a proper protective barrier against weeds, or if your parents never laid that barrier in you as a child, some work needs to be done. While there are so many different types of weeds, they all have the same purpose, and they all kill your beautiful landscape. 

Weeds represent the negative that you allow to enter your life without terminating it or preventing the next attack. Bullying, thoughts of distress, hatred, self-esteem, respect, etc…. Once the weed is allowed to plant a root, it will stay there until you figure out how to destroy the root and stop feeding it. Weeds have one purpose; survive by stealing the nutrients around it. Grass and plants of beauty absorb the nutrients it needs while weeds absorb all nutrients around them, taking them from all other passive lifeforms around it. It doesn’t see a limit. It doesn’t see pain. It sees survival. 

Pulling a weed leaves the root to find another way, or even split and spread to other areas. Some weeds have great beauty, but they steal the beauty from those around it. They do not see or understand communal survival, growth in numbers, or beauty in difference. 

One weed can destroy everything around it after growing from nothing. It was given sunlight and it took the opportunity to manifest itself into its own lanscape. Some weeds stay hidden for some time. They grow horizontal along healthy plants, allowing enough nutrients to stay covered but growing to tremendous lengths, spreading across a pawn and stealing more nutrients as it goes. When you finally see a slight difference and try to pull it, realizing it is so long that it trails all the way back across the lawn.

These are the thoughts we carry. These are the thoughts we allow to fester. These weeds are our failures. These weeds are our life, our beauty being stolen by what we allowed. 

Talk to those who maintain their own lawn. If you can’t figure out how to get your landscape how you want it, seek help from those that have figured out how to. No longer allow your landscape to be ignored because you don’t have the time or patience. Landscape as though your life depends on it and show your children that their landscape matters more than your neighbors’.

Enjoy your Wellth and strengthen your garden.

CEM 330 workout

Today’s workout had a heart and leg focus. 

  • Front Box Squat
  • Trap bar deadlift
  • 2min wind bike

30 minutes with minimal to no rest between rotations. 

The wind bike really gets all muscles pumping and your heart racing. This followed explosive squats and deadlifts, so the work on the bike helped the bloodflow after those. 

Give this a shot. Its a tremendous fat burner and the leg work is easier to get through when you have to follow a time. All 3 exercises burn fat faster than 90 percent of exercises you can compare them to and your heart-rate monitor would show a great roller-coaster.

Only 30 mins after your choice of warmup. I’d make it a good leg workout if I were you. 

Enjoy your Wellth

My new workout trend

30 CEM3

30 minutes of Continued Explosive Movements with 3 exercises.

On Saturday it was a 3way with the bar, pullups and 400m/.5mi run. 

  • Start with a warmup that is not part of the time. In this case, a 5min jog. 
  • 3way-deadlift/power clean/clean& press
  • Do the movements consecutively, powerfully moving from one to the next, starting with DL and ending with C&P
  • Do this rotation without stopping until your forearms can’t take any more. Choose a weight that you can press over your head. It will be light the DL, but you’re actually doing 3DL in one rotation, and from 12-18 in a set. You will be doing 2 power cleans per rotation or 8-12 per set, and 1 C&P per rotation or 4-6 per set
  • Then you do max pullups non-stop
  • Last is 400m or 1/2 mi run. 

Do this for 30mins consecutive. This will improve all 3 of your energy systems and build muscle with explosive movements. 

Today I warmed up with a 2min row. Then I moved to the workout; Kettlebell swing drop sets and alternating LandMine shoulder presses, finished off with 500m rows.

  • Do 10 KB swings, then drop weight and do 5 more. 
  • Using the LandMine, press the bar, using both hands, off of one shoulder, over to the next, extending completely before the transfer, keeping core completely engaged. Do 12-20reps
  • The press occurs over one shoulder while the bar is stabilized by the other hand and moved over to other shoulder. Alternating, count every rep, no matter which side it is on. You’ll be doing 6-10reps per side. 
  • Then move to 500m rows

This is also done for 30 consecutive minutes. Make every move explosive and keep your pace on the row. I focused on back today and shoulders, but the LM press is a good back workout when keeping form on the weight lowering and having the core locked in. 

Enjoy trying this. The goal is to get a good build up of cardio distance using short bursts but meeting a distance in a short time. You can also focus on 1 muscle group and really wear it out while not wondering between sets. 

Find your weakness and make a plan to strengthen that aspect of you

I have an issue with inflammation. In a few areas of my body, there is a lot of tightness, but in my calves, it never goes away. My calves and feet seem to live in place of discomfort. Since I had the day off, I figured I’d find a away to relieve that existence of pain and tightness. 

I decided I would do what will probably be hard to go through on a day-to-day, morning and night routine. I am going to drink a mix every morning with my shake, and every night before bed to relieve this situation. 

Beets, Kale and Spinach are all anti-inflammatory foods. The 1st two much more than the last, but Spinach helps with blood flow. 

I took 3 large beets, a bundle of Kale and 1/2 a bag of spinach and mixed it into 1 drink. I separated it for 1 batch to mix with my morning shake and 1 batch to drink at night, each night. 

I drank it for the 1st time last night. It wasn’t bad. I also found out that it kills the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar, which is great to clean your system out, but I don’t do good with any type of vinegar, as far as taste and reactions go. 

I can’t tell you yet how my body is reacting to it, obviously, hopefully by the end of the week I will get a better sense of its worth. Until then, I’ll keep my fingures crossed and legs on the grinder. 

If anyone has a few good ideas on what I can do to relieve some of this tightness in the meantime, its greatly appreciated. I already do quite a bit, and maybe even too much, but I have to keep these things active, unfortunately. 

Have a great day and I will keep you updated, unless you don’t want that, which you can state in a comment. Or you can ask me to try out some other things you’ve been wondering about. 

Watch you wellth

Make the food you love…. Make the food that you need. 

With a day off work today I took to the kitchen. I have been wanting enchiladas for sometime now, so I decided to take some time to make some new, healthy, dream rolls. 

My wife found a recipe that was considered healthy, so I took a look to see what I could put together. Mind you, I already make some awesome enchiladas, but I wanted to try something new. I wanted some green enchiladas to kill the craving. 

I questioned the authenticity of both the nutrition and taste of the recipe that I saw because it had yogurt in it. Now, its not I think yogurt is that unhealthy, or that it doesn’t taste good, but come on, yogurt? And, in an enchilada? I’m not buying it…..

Before I rate these yogiladas, I want to go back to the nutrition part of this. Generally, enchiladas aren’t that unhealthy. The tortillas, sauce and cheese are the only things that usually avoided by people who are “dieting”, and usually cheese isn’t even something that’s thought of by dieters. Most people assume cheese is good because its dairy, and people dieting would generally stick one enchilada because they’re eating less, so obviously you would have to look at the sides in a meal like this. 

Yogurt….. Yogurt is a good probiotic, in a general sense. It has a lot of enzymes and a huge amount of protein per serving. It also has quite a bit of sugar, especially if it is one of the big brands, marketing to the “health” of children, or has added flavor. I won’t name any brands here. I chose a Greek plain yogurt to try with this recipe, only about 12oz. for an entire rotisserie that was pulled apart. 

The ingredients:

  1. Rotisserie chicken(shredded)
  2. Hand-made corn tortillas
  3. 1 can of green chile enchilada sauce
  4. 1 block of pepper jack cheese
  5. 1 yellow onion
  6. 3 green onion bulbs
  7. Sweet peppers
  8. A handful of cherry tomatoes
  9. Cumin
  10. Black pepper
  11. 1.5 cups of Greek yogurt

Add whatever you would like to the finished product. I used cheery tomatoes and avocado. 


  • Mince the onions, tomato, and peppers together, making a salsa type paste. 
  • Heat the green sauce, mixing 1/2 cup of salsa paste, cuman and black pepper to taste. 
  • Mix the rest of the salsa paste with the shredded chicken. (Refridgerate)
  • Mix the yogurt with the chicken mix
  • Fry tortillas with Xtra Virgin Oil(cold press) and use paper towel to remove xtra oil. 
  • Dip tortillas into green sauce after cooling
  • Shred pepper jack cheese
  • Pack 1/2 chicken mix into tortilla, on top of a small amount of cheese.
  • Roll in dish, or place in dish after rolling. 

I did this early in the morning so that I could just pop the dish in the oven for dinner, because I had that kind of time. You can also mix the green sauce into the chicken, or spoon some onto the chicken before rolling the tortilla, for a juicier filling. You also don’t need to add cheese.

  • Spread some cheese over the dish(if you’re using cheese)
  • Spread remainder of green sauce over dish
  • Place in oven, at 350 degrees F, for 20-35min 

I like when the edges of the enchiladas appear to be sticking to the dish. 

Everyone, including the very picky people in my house, loved them. Yes, even with the yogurt, even though most of them didn’t know there was yogurt in them. I was going to see if the chicken mix would be good as a chicken salad, but I used it all for the batches I made. 

I also used smashed up coconut rolls to top a couple of the batches. It was a great crumb base. Maybe a few more calories and a little bit more sugar, but I really wanted it and it turned out to be a great choice. 

If you choose to make these, I hope you enjoy them. If you’ve never made them before, enchiladas are not difficult. You can even try your own new way and share your healthier versions. 

I also used the remaining chicken scraps to make a chicken broth, boiling it with Himalayian Pink Salt, black pepper,  cumin and garlic salt. 

30 minutes with a bar and your legs. 

If you need something to do during a rest, HiiT, or light functional training day, try this easy little number. 

Get your hands on a bar and weight that is heavy enough to create resistence, and light enough to do at least 4 full rotations throughout. I used 25# rubberplates For this one. Its a simple rotation, then you repeat it, over and over again for 30 minutes, continuous. 

One rotation with the bar is: Deadlift, Power Clean, and Power Clean and Press. Do them as 3 movements, slow enough to separate the technique but fast enough to make it an unbroken set. 

The workout:

Bar rotation-as many as you can without taking a break

400m run

Do this for 30 minutes with MINIMAL to NO rest between rotations. 

If you have a heavy day, depending on what you’re doing, you can also use this as a long warmup. Use light weight on the bar and run the 400m at a warmup pace, and you’re good to move on to a great leg, shoulder or core workout.

I’ll be back soon with an office chair core set for you cubicizers out there.

Tools are not the same as Answers…..

I see far too many people, many times overweight, wearing activity trackers. This, in and of itself, is not a negative thing. In fact, it’s quite inspiring. But activity trackers by themselves are just tools, and without a lifestyle change, are never going to be answers, the way people who buy them may feel they are. 

I’ve heard many people who have bought them talk about how many steps they’ve taken, calories they’ve burned, and food they can now afford to eat. 

There in lies the problem. It seems to some people that because they are tracking their activity, they don’t have to do any follow-up. Or because they burned 500 calories walking, they can have cheesecake, or wine, or any other sugary treat. I guess the purpose of the tracker should be questioned. 

So again, an activity tracker itself is a tool, not an answer. In fact, everything is a tool. There really aren’t any quick answers for weight loss, except discipline. 


Trackers, books, videos, websites, trainers, etc…. are all tools. Something simple requires less tools than something complex, normally. And just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you can get results. 


Knowledge, discipline, motivation, and support…. Without any of the tools, having knowledge and discipline can give you results, but with the tools and the answers, results can be met quicker and continued longer. 

Using activity trackers can accomplish great results and having a tracker that does more than track, that is exceptional. 

Losing weight is easy, consume less calories than you burn. 3500 calories is 1 pound. Consume 3500 calories less during a week than you burn, lose 1 pound. Consume 3500 calories more in a week than you burn, gain 1 pound. 

Having a tracker to monitor the calorie burn is awesome!!! But only if you are also tracking you calorie intake. This doesn’t mean you match your intake with what you burn, unless you are just trying to maintain, and if that’s the case, enjoy, but understand that maintaining with unhealthy replacements isn’t really maintaining……

I am not a fan of Fitbit. I have not owned a Fitbit, but I have talked to owners and I do know from fitness research that the calorie counter is a little off while tracking exercise. I own a Polar Loop2, and Inlove it for different reasons. I chose it for specific reasons. I purchased my Polar so any positive reviews I give are feom my experience. Not that I wouldn’t accept some newer Polar gear. I also haven’t tried Garmin’s equipment, but I know it is accurate and I wouldn’t mind testing it out. 

I chose Polar because Polar’s heart-rate monitors are proven. When I got my Polar, I also got the bluetooth monitor with it. The monitor links to the tracker and is as accurate as your ability to wear it. The monitor also links to stationary equipment in gyms that have Polar monitors built in(most of them). Another plus is that it is water proof. I can swim with it. That was a big seller for me. 

Problems with counting on the trackers data…… if you ride a bike and are not wearing a heart-rate monitor, don’t count on the activity being recorded correctly. It is the same with stationary equipment, to some extent. Swimming is the same. Even though your arms are moving, it cannot judge your exertion. Honestly, without a monitor, for any exertive exercise that isn’t walking, your numbers should expect to be off. 

Some trackers, and phones, try to say that the devices they use can measure your heart-rate on your wrist. Think about the part of your body that is moving the most during exercise, and think about a device trying to get an accurate read of those areas, as they’re moving separately from the device. Accuracy is not optimal. 

We can go into the incentives of tracking heart-rate during exercise at some point, but its just another tool that can help when answers are also involved. 
If you use a tracker, please know why you are using, how to use it, and what your goals are. I belive they are good, when used properly, just like every other tool.

FEAR….. life’s roadblock

What’s guiding your life’s direction? What success have you put off? What relationship have younot had?

While I don’t consider myself a fearful person be any means, I am also not completely fearless. I have a balance, and sometimes, subconsciously, that is not healthy, for me. However, I am very self-aware, so I realize when I am just scared, rather than all of the other things that may go through my head as excuses. 

Some people fear pain, and others fear failure. There’s always something there in the back of your mind. It could be a distant, or recent memory. It could jist be a warning you got as a kid, or a piece of news from the media. Either way, its an obstacle. 

Fear keeps us from accelerating our lives. Sometimes, from celebrating our lives. Some are scared to jump out of airplanes, some scared of committment, and others scared of their own shadow. Our experiences lead to those fears, but our futures depend on us facing them. 

Recently I asked myself why I have such a hard time with handstands……yes, handstands. Could it be my balance, my strength, my committment to the training? Nope….. Fear was keeping me from putting the weight of my lower body over my shoulders. No matter what type of surface I was on, I was, am scared of falling forward, onto my head, face, or even back. I’m obviously more fearful on hard surfaces, but even soft surfaces stop me sometimes. Its not like I’m falling from a roof, which I have done. Its not like I’m jumping from a plane, which I have done. Its not like I’m swimming/diving in a dark ocean at night, which I have done. It’s trying to balance my weight on my hands, which are touching the ground. Yet, I’m still scared. 

I have owned several motorcycles over my life, and I’ve crashed, well, all of them. I rode in the hills, and on the track. In each instance I have been scared. I have gone through sky dive certification, well, some of it anyways. I am not yet certified, but I have taken lessons and jumped on my own. I have worked on my dive master certification and dove in deep, and in dark water. I have even dove in southern Australia, through a sunken ship and in shark inhabited water. I have been married, twice, and I have kids. I joined the military and spent months on a ship. I’ve fired weapons and now hold a job where everyday my life is on the line. I run to emergencies people run from and deal with people that others wish to never know. 

So like I said, I have fear, but I do my very best not to let it control my life. I try to use it to be successful. I use it to become stronger. This is exactly why it irritates me so much that just doing some exercises gets into my head enough to hold me down. 

The US does not have the best racers in the world. The US, through childhood, teaches fear to its children. Other places around the world teach their children to strive for what they want and take risks. To get the experience. 

Red Bull Energy has a motorcycle racing academy. But to get into the academy, you can’t be more than 14 years old. Mind you, this is the age that a large number of European and Asian racers are already reachinh for pro status. The reason the age limit is there is because this is probably the last age that fear is not a factor, and that’s to a very low percentage. At this age, you still believe in anything being possible. It’s obviously possible to go through a turn at a high rate of speed on minimal percentage of tire tread, but to see it, causes immediate doubt. 

How is it possible? This is what is wondered, instead of accepting that it is and doing it. Of course there are risks in everything you do, but doubting they can happen make those risks greater. 

Many things can happen by taking chances, but thinknkf things that will never happen if you don’t. 

Going into a fight with the thought you are going to lose will never guarantee success. Know the fear is there, and question it. Growth only comes from experience, and refusing to experience something due to fear will always stunt your growth. 

Embrace the fear, take the lumps, and put everything into it. Its the only way to grow and never regret. 

That being said, don’t mistake fear for cautiousness, or wisdom. You don’t cross busy freeways because of the common knowledge that you can be run over, not because of fear. And that girl or boy you are afraid to ask out, they’re human, and they are probably more impressed with the courage you have to speak, rather than the fear you possibly share with them. 

Take chances, and remember, every good opportunity comes when you can’t afford to take it. That’s fear telling you its not real, or you can’t handle the work it will take. 

Punch fear in the mouth and watch how your life changes. 

Grow your Wellth…..