The healthy minority…

If you are a healthy person, a person who cares how their body feels throughout their life, or just someone who tries to maintain some sort of resemblance of health before their next, unhealthy splurge, you are actually in the minority, for the most part. The bigger problem is that this requires some sort of success and diligence. Because of this you are taken advantage of….

Those who don’t smoke get breaks throughout the day, other than normal work breaks. This helps them keep from punching someone in the face. It also gets them out of some work, and possibly more work. People who don’t smoke get less breaks. Less breaks means more work. More work means you’re more reliable. If you’re more reliable, you are trusted with more work, causing you to want to punch more people in the face.

Its cheaper to eat unhealthy. It completely takes you away from your goals, so you stay away from it, but it costs, at least, 1/2 of what your healthy food costs. Making food you buy from a grocery store costs more than buying greasy food off the street, or from a local fast food restaurant. And they even run deals to make it cheaper, while stores raise prices for the people trying to avoid the hospital. 

In America, healthy is lifestyle that costs a good deal. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while you save on hospital fees, costs almost twice as much as those who don’t care what they put in their bodies and don’t care what diseases they acquire throughout life. 

Where did we go wrong. When did being health conscious become a negative, and why are we being punished. Its even frowned upon to stay home with a healthy family while others are out partying and creating problems. 

Tell me this doesn’t push you to punch more people in the face, please….

Just a thought as I buy healthy food and get no breaks. Enjoy

Thank goodness for workouts

I posted this week’s workout earlier in the week, highlighting Tabata and shirt runs. I didn’t really accomplish the runs as planned but the Tabata was done, finishing with a little adjustment for the Memorial weekend, and an awful week of work for me…..Thank goodness for kids birthdays and tough workouts. 

My short runs on Tues/Thurs/Sat turned into a longer than expected elevated run on Wed and a mixed Tabata/Broken run today, to finish the week. 

Rather than the previously noted Tabata workout for today, I started with a 3/4mi run and moved into my 1st Tabata set, which I modified. Here’s the full workout. 

3/4 mile run

20 sec-pushups/20 sec-pullups/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

3/4 mile run

20 sec-squats/20 sec-calf raises/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

1 mile run

This mixed my Thurs/Fri/Sat workouts, and it came at a time that more than that was needed, but it helped very much. 

Thursday was my middle son Nathan’s birthday, so I wasn’t working out that day, and Saturday is my youngest son Aiden’s Birthday, so it just seemed right, especially after I wanted to quit my job today. 

I say again, thank goodness for good workouts. 

Enjoy your Memorial weekend folks, and try to remember why this weekend is possible. 

Lost in translation, or, maybe, lost in transition… 

I very recently saved a draft of a post I wanted to put out there. It started off as a memory of what childhood was like, and how we never had to worry about health and nutrition, among other now common and negative issues. It turned into something I figured you would be bored with, so I decided not to post it. While it had a little to do with health, it started to lead to more of a political plead for outreach to our declining health youth. 

I tried to make this blog purely health and fitness oriented, which I believe I have accomplished to this point, so I didn’t want to lose the few followers I have. Maybe that in and of itself is wrong. 

Short message: Our youth now has the misfortune of our stresses to make up for when growing up, in every way you can think of. And one way to relive many of those…a healthy lifestyle, which we have also been stripping from them. 

How would you try to change this growing epidemic, and how many of you would step forward, making any sort of sacrifice to make it happen, even if you knew the benefit would be tremendous?

Back to Fitness

This week I have dedicated my time to Tabata and running, but a lot less emphasis on running, mainly because I don’t want to do it 3x this week. 

Anyone else feel me on that one???? 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week were dedicated to 3 Tabata variation sets. Let me know if you want the exact exercises, but for now I’ll tell you the exercises. 


1)20 sec-pushups/20 sec-DB rows/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

2)20 sec-pullups/20 sec-squats/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

3)20 sec-step ups/20 sec-uneven pushups/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

Each set is 9:40 with a rest between Tabatas of 2:00


1)20 sec-pushups/20 sec-DB rows/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

2)20 sec-pullups/20 sec-russian twists/20 sec-rest for 10 sets

3)20 sec-superman hold/20 sec-uneven pushups/20 sec-rest for 10 sets


Same as Monday

Tuesday/Thurs/Sat are run short run days.  

So proud….

A couple years ago I would take my 3 sons on runs around the block, usually 1-1.5mi or so. My youngest, Aiden, now 11, would have a slightly difficult time keeping up, understandably.

Today he went with me on my scheduled workout, 2- 1mi runs, broken by 1/4mi walks. He keeps saying that he is the fastest in his school and running the mile in 6 minutes. I know that teachers don’t do exact distances and the difference between a 6min .9 mi run and a 6min 1.1 mi run is actually quite significant, especially if you’re out of shape. So I appease him and say, “that’s awesome bud” and things like that. Not that I’m super hard on my kids, but I want them to know that outstanding physical attributes are nothing to lie about or over  exaggerate, because you might get called to task and feel bad about the actual result. 

Well….he’s not lying!!!!! We walked the 1st 1/4mi and started running the 1st mile. From that moment I knew he was accomplishing everything he said he was. 

I expected to run side by side for the entire exercise but didn’t want the same thing. I kept thinking that he was going to tire himself out and slow his pace after shooting out of the gate so quick, but I was mistaken. Because he didn’t know the route, he kept slowing down and turning around to ask which direction, but that was the only reason.

I felt so bad, so weak, and so proud that I just wanted to tell him to keep going. Mixed emotions…. but happy. Since I couldn’t keep up and didn’t have enough energy to waste talking to him, I just studied his form and gait. I figured, he seems to be so natural I’d help him be more efficient.

I’m sure that he could have finished the entire 3mi 15 minutes faster than me, but I’m greatful that he hung around. He has 1 year until middle school and a track/cross-country team, so it’s perfect time to start training. 

Project Management and Problem Management

I have so many projects that I’m trying to start, but I also have a few problems that stop me starting them. 

I have a Veteran Mentorship project that is more in depth than a Youth Mentorship project I am trying to get together. I have a trainer network that I would like to complete that involves gyms and special deals for trainers and clients. I also have a corporate program and trainer bootcamp collaboration I like to roll out.


Then theres the problems. Or maybe the problems are before the projects come into play. Either way, they don’t interface. 

#1 problem, $$$money$$$. 

#2 problem, ⏱⏱⏱time⏱⏱⏱.

#3 problem, too many projects.

Or is it? Is too many projects really a problem? It can be. While having too many things to really focus on just one to completion is a rather difficult pest of a problem, but it also shows your innovation and continued forward thinking. 

The thing I really need, since time is one of my largest issues, is a business minded partner, rather than a similarly innovative mind that gets those things done. 

A.D.D. Can be a very good thing, if you have someone to follow through with the number of ideas that come through at any given time. While some see A.D.D. as a type of hinderance, when used correctly and in conjunction with other’s abilities to reign in a select number of projects to completion, the world can change. 

By the way, if anyone is interested in any projects I mention, in their own areas, contact me here or through my website

Its still under construction but the contact sheets work. 

Daily habits of health and fitness

Unfortunately, I have a daily routine where I wish I didn’t, and I am missing the things I wish were more routine. In the picture you see one I wish I didn’t have to do daily…. That is a lacrosse ball and it is under my foot…. This is something I must do to keep from both scar tissue buildup, and fascia tightening. 

While it is an easy task-especially on days I ride the train-it is sometimes very painful and even more times, irritatingly monotonous. It helps me run and do movements  that are often strenuous on someone with a high arch though, so it has to be done. 

Good daily habits I am consistant with include drinking water, moving my body and stretching. There are a few more but these are the most consistant. If you just did these and you weren’t altogether fit and healthy, you might feel pretty good about yourself, and your body. Obviously there is more to being healthy than these things, but if you haven’t done anything, these would give you an increase in health of approximately 500%. Its science….

Some I am less consistant with when there is a lot going on include daily prepared meals and taking my vitamins. 

So far this is a very small list, when you look at what it takes to maintain a fit, healthy body. Everyone has their own ideas of “fit,” “healthy,” and alcoholism. I threw that in just see if I lost you or not. 

Once you make a goal for yourself, the next step is to figure out how to accomplish them with the least amount of obstacles, and that requires consistency. Once you become consistent with your routine and/or nutrition, it becomes easier to figure out when you can successfully manuever around that routine when you really want something you have cut yourself off from. 

-This shouldn’t be your goal but we might as well talk about its one of the biggest issues-

Consistency, routine and plan should be words you familiarize yourself with if you plan on reaching a healthy goal. Here are a few more: progress, mirror and NO. 

Be happy with any progress, no matter how small. 

Use a mirror to see results, not a scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so looking at a scale you might think you have no change or are trending in the wrong direction. Truth is, a part of you may be looking way more fit, while other parts are slowly losing fat. Check the mirror, and look from the head down. Fat comes off of the body from the least dense to the most. That usually means your abdomen and thighs are last to go, BUT THEY ARE GOING!!!! 

Lastly, you’re going to need to say “NO” to friends and family, and definitely strangers. They may not understand the journey you’re on or what it takes to complete it, so when they offer you something or want you to do something you know might be detrimental, let them down easily and tell them they’re still important but you need to do this for you, and that they’re welcome to join you, if they care. 

You know the things that you can cut out of your routines, so give them a shot 1 at a time….  

Active vs Inactive ….. rest

I have come to really enjoy my rest days-every Sunday for me- since both getting back to work and doing this 60day program. 

The program is meant to get inactive people to a state of readiness for workouts that will really make a huge difference, for whatever the users goals are, but to get the muscles ready for something they haven’t done, without being too intense or cause injury. 

I am physically doing the program as it is without anything extra, so that I can decide if changes need to be made before having a truly inactive person go through it. 

Some of the movements are actually new to me on a consistant basis, and the rest helps my body get acclimated to them. And, the rest really helps my legs and feet recover from the running I have been increasing. 

While rest days are great, and maybe the most important part of any routine, choosing between active rest and inactive rest is very important, and can be made or changed at a moments notice. 

We all know what inactive rest is, and when you’re feeing a bit of strain, it might be the better choice, but not many people, especially new to training, understand active rest. 

From hiking to walking, and from messing around on a jungle gym to swimming and playing with friends and family, active rest is becoming a more popular choice on off days. 

-It also helps those who can’t stop thinking about the gym to get through their sad day off-

Decide if you’re going to use your active rest day to help keep blood flowing from a previously rough day’s workout or get the blood flowing through muscles you’re going to use in the day following your day off. If you let your muscles lock up after a tough day, it could be crucial, as it would be if you kept muscles idle the day before putting  them through a tough day. 

Either way, you should keep all muscles moving, even during a rest day, so that they keep constant blood flow and make it easier for recovery. It also helps a warmup if your muscles are already a little loose and warm. 

If you’re thinking its not a true rest day if you’re doing something, you’re wrong. Resting them from “intense” work is giving them a better chance at growth and recovery. And, doing activities that require a full body’s work will incorporate all of your stabilizer muscles, removing stress from isolated muscles. 

Give it a try. Plan an Active Rest Day the next couple weeks and see if you feel a difference. 

Cutting back for growth…

I worked up to a total distance of 4miles, but only running 1mile at any point, breaking it up with a 1/4mile between. 

Last week I was running 3, 1mile runs, broken up by 1/4mile walks. It hurt, but not enough to make me stop. It was more of a “wow, its been awhile” type of hurt, not pain.

This week I cut the total distance to 2miles, but with a 1/4mile warm-up and 1/4mile cool-down. That’s a 1/2mile increase in non-stop distance but a 2mile decrease in total distance. 

Yes, I know, basic math….

I break it down so you can see the small incriments needed to make a successful progression in running that won’t put you in the bench before you reach your goals. Normally you don’t want to increase your distance by more than 1/4mile per week. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I learnwd that while getting hurt training for 1/2IronMan. HUGE LESSON for me!!!  I wasn’t a runner so the small increase was probably more important than anything else I did. 

–For those of you out there that consider yourself “runners”, do what you feel comfortable. Your legs are more accustomed to the pounding and distances. —

I am increasing my run distance by 1/2mile this week, but I’m balancing that by decreasing my total by 1/2. This will give my legs a new endurance level, but lower the time they spend hitting pavement, getting them a little more rest to build on the new distance. And at 3x this week, I should have a good improvement next week. 

There’s plenty of science behind it but who wants to snore through that nonsense, right?

The 1.5mile distance is more painful than the previous week’s 3- 1 mile runs, but when the 2miles is done, my legs don’t feel like I did something wrong. 

Whatever you choose to do, pay attention to your pains, and your lack of pain, so that you learn how to change your routine. Recognize the difference between soreness and strain, and when your body accepts the workout you put it through. 

Most of all, learn to enjoy what you’re doing. You will see the benefit, whether its immediate or delayed, the end result is your goal. 

A stroke to remember…

Its been awhile since I was able to swim. Swimming is one of the best workouts you can get but pools nowadays are expensive to get lap time in. If you find a good gym with a pool, its usually being used for aquarobics when you need to get in there. Or they choose to clean it at the times you can avoid the people. I know its a 1st world problem so I don’t spend tine complaining about it, too much. 

But now, soon, I will be able to get back in the stroke of things. Next month a pool close by me will be finished being renovated, and I couldn’t be more excited. A brand new pool and only $2 per visit is pretty damn good!!!

No matter what you’re fitness goals are, if you haven’t incorporated swimming, you’ve been missing out on potentials you never even thought were possible. If you want a nice back and aren’t swimming, you’re working too hard for something that is quite simple to obtain. Do you have hip flexor tightness? You haven’t been swimming. Need shoulder and lower back strength but you have chronic pain? That’s right….swim!!!

Cardio, strength, flexibility, its all there and you’re missing out!!!! “I can’t swim,” you say? That’s a simple answer that I don’t want to call you out on. You’re either going to make excuses or get it done, but if you’re serious about your fitness, you’ll hate yourself for not starting sooner. 

Like the old time lifters, if you’re not trying new, proven methods, you’re not reaching your true potential. This doesn’t mean you have to go away from your known routines, but adding some new material will help hit some overlooked, possibly underused areas.