I created a 60 day fitness build-up plan. Starting with little to no activity for enough time to have your muscles forget what real work was, I wanted to build up momentum to successfully complete some of the more rigorous/extreme, advertised workouts. Often times, people buy these workout DVDs without getting their bodies used to the daily stress this new extreme activity causes, and they stop doing them, or get injured. 

From what I’m normally used to, I consider myself, “out of shape”. Looking at me, especially with clothes on, you might say I’m crazy for thinking I’m “out of shape”, but we all have our own levels of fitness and hidden problems. Even the ones that don’t look like it. 


I include running, 2-3 times per week in this plan, making it possible to take someone off the couch and into completing a 5k in 60days. I am doing the 60day workout, not just the running, to test it out and make any modifications I need to make. Most of the stuff is perfect for beginners, while some is more work. The running is based on the plan I put together for my own recovery. 

If you read my previous blogs, I broke my lower fibula in October and have been putting myself through a recovery program. The same program I’ve placed in my 60day routine. Where I am only 19days into my 60day program-and feeling great- I am in my 40+ day of the running portion, so the plan doesn’t match up but I’ve gone through that part successfully already. 

I figure, if I can get through the running program after complete atrophy and being immobilized, someone who has had the ability to move until this program should fair quite well. 

I haven’t felt much pain so far, until this week’s runs that is. This week Imve taken to the treadmill since my schedule is a little off. Its a great treadmill mind you-Woodway- but treadmill running in general, for me is usually not good. After 2days on the treadmill, I have developed pain around my tibia, right in the center of my shin. Shin splints, or, stress fractires? Probably. Something I didnmt have before this week. I stretch, roll and massage everything, and I know how to avoid shin splints, so this is a minor disturbance, as well as a major pain in my……leg, I guess. 

Everyone goes through this type of irritation. It doesn’t mean you stop, but it also doesn’t mean you continue, not in the same way anyways. I am going to skip my next run day and replace it with another mixed core day, allowing my leg to heal a little. 

If you’re training, continuing through pain is not a benefit. Taking a few days away from what causes the pain, however, greatly benefits you. 1st, it shows you are in touch with your bodies receptors, noticing when you may have done a little more than you should have. 

This in no way compares to soreness. You can fight through soreness and continue to progress. Injury on the other hand needs to be addressed, and often enough times, a short rest when you 1st catch it will work great magic. Not resting could lead to longer rest time and much frustration down the road, TRUST ME…

2nd, being able to compromise with the injury and adjust your schedule to complete other healthy goals is even better. This gives you the experience to work around small issues, rather than stopping altogether, out offrustration. You’ll look back on this moment as the time you realized how much you wanted to be healthy and how strong you were through struggles. 

Rest is where your muscles both recover and grow. Rest, even more than work, is the most important part of gaining through your program. Don’t let that make you think resting 7days a week will create a more healthy you, skipping out on all the work. With work you earn rest. 

Be well, and be Wellthy

Choosing a daytime snack

While choosing your meals are one of the most important aspects of reaching your goals, there are many others….. One of them is snacking

Let’s be honest, a snack can keep you going or shut you down at any given point. You can have a great breakfast, covering a good, healthy 40-45% of your daily calories, covering you until close to lunch time, maybe even until lunch time, depending on your schedule. But that’s just about 1/2 of your day. Can you last the rest of the day?

We all know that once you start to get hungry some rules go out the window, and once you make one mistake the second becomes easier to overlook. So picking the right snack could save a week’s worth of regrets and lost progress or gains. 

I’m a snacker. I’m type O blood and constantly active. My body requires nutrients far beyond a large meal, especially since my meals are kept relatively healthy. I like to have healthy snacks around to quiet my appetite but I often fall into a crave fest, going after the 1st thing I see. 

I have just discovered Ramputan!!!!!  These little things are my new favorite snack buddy. Unlike strawberries, which are mostly water, these little nuggets of taste sensation and goodness are pretty dense. While a bowl of strawberries would normally have to be eaten to get you to the next meal, a handful (3-4) of these bad boys seem to hold me over just long enough. 

While it is important to snack with your goals, meaning the importane of the snacks macronutrients are highly sought after, if you can get something that fulfills your body needs outside of that days regimen, its better than grabbing something that could go against your goals entirely, like a bag of chips for instance. 

Again, don’t over look the snack break, it could make or break your day or week’s goals. 

From a 5hour couch day to a 5k in 60 days

My current journey is a 60day welcome to fit life introduction. It is designed, with allowing assitance during exercise, to bring inactive individuals to a point where more extreme workouts can be accomplished, if wanted, to rejuvenate an unhealthy body. Part of this plan includes the completion of a 5k, non-stop, but at your own pace. 

While I am doung the 60 day routine according to the schedule, and only those activities, I am further along in the plan for the run because I started the run 30days before the plan, in order to rehab and condition my recently broken leg. 

-I am doing the 60day plan as it is written for QC purposes. I am also having people who have been inactive(friends) complete it for feedback. –

When I broke my leg, not only was I inactive, but my right calf atrophied. It was months before I could do anything on it- the equivalent of being inactive for some time-. Where I was a healthy, relatively in shape person, I have had quite a few problems with my lower legs and feet for some time, including plantar fasciitis, bone spurs and achilles tightness, along with some weird obstruction in the front of my right ankle, lessening my range of motion and flexibility. 

Sorry, back to point….

I wanted to create something anyone could follow and slowly, progressively and safely reach a good cardiovascular distance with. I have followed the plan precisely -this is important because I NEVER do that- and after 30+days, I finish each run without pains or exhaustion that makes me want to never do it again, while increasing my distance comfortably. Each week I am proud of the new time or distance, based on what I could do the week prior. 

This is huge for me because I normally look at workouts as a competition with my past, where I compare what I can do to what I could do when I was healthier, or just in better shape. Not this time though!!!!

This week is still 3miles, but my jogging distance is 1/2 mile per jog interval. To say I’m happy with that after previously running 8min/mile days of 8+miles is a large step for me. A step I’m willing to share with anyone who wants to take the step of doing something they haven’t done in a long time, if ever. 

Let me know if I can excite you about the possibilities of running a 5k in 60days, or increasing your physical abilities to the point of taking on one of the many extreme exercise videos on the market. 

If you want the schedule, let me know……

Best beginners medicine….

If you are truly interested in changing your body, habits and/or lifestyle, here are the simplest tips I can give. These both test your resolve and give you an introspect into the upcoming tasks while preparing your body in the nicest way for you might be unveiling upon it. 


Don’t change a thing!!!! First, write down your current habits. Times you wake up, eat, exercise and sleep, etc… , write down what you ingest. Every meal, snack and beverage, as well as what you don’t finish. Second, write down how you feel throughout the day. Whether you are tired, nauseated sluggish, etc…. Third, after a week, review your log, or diary or whatever you want to call it to get it done. Look for things that stand out. Things you do without realizing it, things you drink that you could pass on, and how you feel in corelation to what you have done prior to that, and see if there’s a pattern. Fourth, CHANGE IT!!!!!


Start doing calisthenics. Spend a month doing pushups, pullups, squats and unsupported situps and crunches. I’m not a huge fan of situps and crunches, but unsupported is better since you are not putting oressure on your hipflexors, spine or knees. Start with a low number every other day and work up to a low number every day and vary your routine, but do it for a month to get your entire body used to natural movements. These are also foundational movements that help to keep your body strong and lean throughout life. 

Back to work…

At the end of October I broke my right fibula, right at the base and above my ankle. It was not nice at all, nothing about it, including the time off of work. I ended up being off of work completely for 3 months, due to some off the field problems.

I went back to work, doing some behind the desk action until last Friday night. 1st, let me just say that I was appreciative to be allowed to go back and not use anymore of my own time. I also learned quite a bit in the position I was in, so for that too, I am appreciative. I got to do some work on some endevers that are coming up, which is probably what I’m most thankful for. 

There’s a few things about shift work, for me, that are rewarding, but mostly, its the worst thing in the world for your body and being healthy. 

The rewarding things, for me, are the people you get to work with and work you get to do. Its easily the most fun to work during shift work hours. 

The awful things shift work subjects you to are, well, numerous, to say the least. You are working during the hours your body is made to sleep and recover, both physically and mentally. You eating habits are, to say the least, atrocious!!!! And the people who are out during shift work hours, while you’re working, are not the creme de la creme, putting it nicely. 

So yes, I am happy to go back to work, earlier than my doctor would’ve wanted, just to get some resemblance of a normal life back. My health and fitness can improve exponentially and now that I’ve started some good things off, I can use the day time to put them in motion. 

Good change does often come from disturbing incidents, and I wonder if they’re meant to


Putting together individual plans is so much easier than a plan that will work well for everyone. I’m also not a fan of using the word well. I want things I create to be amazing, or unprecedented, not seen as working well.

We shouldn’t live in a world of mediocrity. Not to say what I’m creating is anything close to mediocre, but in reality, if it isn’t measurable to the highest degree, it can use some touching up.

Goals and sacrifices

With each goal we create, there is a driving force behind it, and with that driving force, a level of need to fulfill it. I haven’t had the easiest life, and I’ve made so many life changing sacrifices that my life didn’t seem like my own anymore. Infact, my goals even took a backseat at different times because of the need to bring my life back to some sort of normalcy. 

You don’t change who you are, but sometimes life happens, and you have to change both your approach to it and the route to the next step. Sometimes, there are so many changes that the finish line actually changes locations entirely. I look at those moments and realize how many excuses I use to be so far away from that goal. 

While we still want the same goals, if that’s the case for you, we have to realize that the road never gets easier by slowing our approach, it only gets further away, and with that distance becomes more obstacles and more resentment towards thise obstacles. It may seem, at the time, that life becomes easier by slowing down or deviating, but when that distance grows, so too does our ability to put the important things off. Its a challenge, its life….

Opportunities do not come when we have the time and resources to make them happen. Opportunities come along when you have to make a choice and sacrifices to achieve and deserve them. How many times has something come along and you said, “If only the timing was different” or “Why didn’t I know about this sooner”? Look back and try to remember how many things you passed on because something else was going on and you would’ve spread yourself too thin, or had to give up on something else. 

The opportunity is there when it is meant to be, and left completely in your control to take advantage of. I can almost guarantee the time it would have taken would have also been worth it. 

New goal….don’t make anymore excuses. Take advantage of the next opportunity, no matter how it impacts your life, and relish what comes from it. 

That’s where I’m at now, and I’m looking forward to what comes next because I’m positive its what I’ve wanted for years and have been too “busy” to take advantage of. Its called life. Embrace it

Planned breaks in training

I know people new to a consitant nutrition and exercise schedule like to use the words diet and working out for what they are putting themselves through but that is a temporary mentality. Its a lifestyle that needs to change and become healthy, not a temporary fix. 

The body is used to a long term way of life which cannot be “fixed” with short term words and activities. The terms used need to be changed to permanent, consistant habits to be effective/affective. This is when you start to notice significant change. Quick fixes don’t take long to return to unhappy faces. 

You may not be a fitness model or professional athlete but the terms training and nutrition should be a staple when talking about your goals. When you take them slow and make them habits your body learns to accept the change and makes giant strides towards phenominal results. 

This also makes it easier to go back and take rests or eat naughty food without guilt every once in a while. 

It should be a happy change, and one you can embrace without using words that are deemed harsh on some ears. Its your life, take it seriously and get it ready for the fun you want to have. Its worth it, and you won’t even notice after a few months. 

And incase you need the motivation, everyone wants to see you smile, so do what you need to make that happen and remember, you are a superstar to someone in your life, trust me….

A whole new world

We currently live in a world of capitalism. Each person scrambling for their own piece of pie, desperately clinging to the idea that we cannot all be successful, especially not in the same industry. Gyms try new ways of bringing people in, to take clients away from other gyms. Phone companies do the same, as does every other type of business trying to consume their competitors. 

What is the purpose of this? Do we need another vacation home? Do we need to see our competitors struggling in order to feel superior? Do we just need to be the only game on the block? So many questions, and yet none with an answer that benefits the people that keep the business going. 

Consumers see an ad for a “get fit quick” workout plan. This plan works for a small percentage of people while the others look for another plan, or seek a personal trainer to customize a plan specific to them. Either way, the start of this cycle begins with a person interested in seeing results in another. The personal trainer, or nutritionist, that ends up creating a successful plan for a consumer after several attempts are made, is a product of the same industry. One ideas failure is another ideas success. Its humanity. The 1st did not fail, as the last did not fail. 

There is no one plan that works for every person, therefore, marketing an all inclusive plan is a failure from the start. The total body, quick burst, relentless exercise model does not work the same for my A blood type, thick legged, no neck neighbor, as it does for me. Therefore, marketing to him/her is really just a waste of his/her time. The 4wks that person spends exhausting him/herself on an exercise that they see working great for me but not so much for me, may just be causing them to rethink their ideas of having a healthier life, and eventually cause them to quit looking for the right model. 

What if we worked as a network, collaborating and helping our large market to not only be successful all at once, but to be so successful that we double the size of the market in no time? Would there be enough profit and success to share? Would be happy with the amount of people we are able to reach? Would we be able to live with the fact that we helped to reclaim the health of our nation, lower the cost of insurance and taxes, and see the number of people in our industry climb out of obscurity at an astonishing rate?

If you are part of the health industry, which includes those of us that want to help people before they get into hospital care, are you in it for the capitalism? There’s plenty of capital to go around, especially if you help to lower costs in all other fields. 

While it is in its infancy, we are attempting to create a NETWORK that focuses on the consumer, so that the rest if the market can succeed and grow to a level never seen before. To be part of this network, go to our website and in the contact page, send in your email and city/state in the comments area, along with any other comments or questions you have. 

Today is a rest day by the way, take care of those muscles so that they can care for you. 


I admittedly have a problem with food. I love it….seriously!! 

I find that if I don’t get into a routine my nutrition is hard to keep uo with, especially with shift work. Incase you don’t know what shift work is, its when you work late hours for work and your days are screwed. 

Actually, when I work shift work, I keep my nutrition somewhat in check by just not eating much, except for sugary snacks to keep me awake at night…..I know, I know. 

I need about a week long stretch of eating the meals I have in my plan to keep the momentum going, but when I do I can keep it going and the results are amazing. If not, I have to rely solely on exercise, which is also difficult with shift work. 

Did I mention that I HATE shift work?!?!? 

The point is, I understand the struggle of getting into the good habits that mean the most with physical and mental goals. I can regulate myself, most of the time, but I know it is harder for some people to find the power to regulate. 

If you don’t want to turn to me for the encouragement, find 1 person that you can trust to keep you straight, amd honestly, make it someone thats not your bestfriend. In fact, find someone that you don’t like at all, this way you don’t lose it on a friend. And the person you choose can either stay your enemy, or turn into a good friend. 

Either way you win. Good luck and keep up the good work. If you’ve done more thinking than acting on your goals, its only 1 step away, and its the smallest steps that make the biggest difference, you just have to pick that foot up and lean forward a little.