Managing opportunities…..

If you haven’t heard my thought on this before, opportunities come along when you must sacrifices to achieve them. 

How many times have you turned down something you really wanted to do, just because you had “too much” on your plate? Isn’t that always the case?   YES!!!!!!

If something is worthy of having, you are going to have to sacrifice for it, and it may not be a small sacrifice. It may not even be a short sacrifice, as far as time goes. It also could very well be that once you make the sacrifice and begin the struggle to achieve your dream, everything falls into place and you wonder why you passed on somany others. 

How many things have you held on to and delayed productivity on, thinking you know what needs to be done but the timing is bad, so you put it off? 

I work better under pressure, and I don’t like to look back on something I’ve passed on for some chicken s#!t reason. I’ve done that for a good majority of my life, putting the time and happiness of others 1st. There are many issues with that, and I’ll share a few of them with you. 

I generally choose to do things that help people. This isn’t a bad thing but its often not good for the big dreams I have, and its unitentionally not very good for the people I could help. So, why put it off? Well….

I have responsibilities. I have responsibilities to other people that count on me, and choosing to take a giant leap can hurt those people. For me, that has been a huge project “no go” decision maker. 

Putting off things that generally take a large chunk of my time chips away at my soul. Putting off your own happiness creates a trail of regrets and resentment. These are damaging emotions to carry around. 

Someone that starts off positive and lives a cheerful, inspiring life, can often times turn into a passive aggressive idea killer because of these negative emotions. 

Here’s the good news…….. Are you ready???? 

You can change it all around, and change it quickly. This part of you is still there. You are still intelligent and caring. You still have dreams. Go after them!!!!!!

It will take up your time and you will find that once you take the risk, many other “opportunities” will come along. I (“) opportunities because some will be opportunities and others may be distractions. Chasing distractions will take you away from completing your goals and possibly leave you feeling like it “was never meant to be”. 

Guess what…. you did that to yourself. You left the real opportunity alone to chase this distraction because it was either easier, or more tempting. Was it the money or the more simple tasks? 

Figure out what means more to you and chase it. Don’t do it for money. If you love it and it is meant to be something exiting or helpful for more than just you, you will be compensated in the ways you need. 

Being happy is the 1st step to success. Success leads to what you were originally striving for. And reaching that goal is the beginning of reaching all of your goals, and having everything you want. Doing things for the right reasons is the most important aspect of managing opportunities and the #1 thought when you look back on your life, or write your autobiography. 

If you sort out the “opportunities” correctly, you could be working on multiple projects with many positive tentacles to reach with. Keep it going….., just be sure to get help. 

Be Wellthy