Active vs Inactive ….. rest

I have come to really enjoy my rest days-every Sunday for me- since both getting back to work and doing this 60day program. 

The program is meant to get inactive people to a state of readiness for workouts that will really make a huge difference, for whatever the users goals are, but to get the muscles ready for something they haven’t done, without being too intense or cause injury. 

I am physically doing the program as it is without anything extra, so that I can decide if changes need to be made before having a truly inactive person go through it. 

Some of the movements are actually new to me on a consistant basis, and the rest helps my body get acclimated to them. And, the rest really helps my legs and feet recover from the running I have been increasing. 

While rest days are great, and maybe the most important part of any routine, choosing between active rest and inactive rest is very important, and can be made or changed at a moments notice. 

We all know what inactive rest is, and when you’re feeing a bit of strain, it might be the better choice, but not many people, especially new to training, understand active rest. 

From hiking to walking, and from messing around on a jungle gym to swimming and playing with friends and family, active rest is becoming a more popular choice on off days. 

-It also helps those who can’t stop thinking about the gym to get through their sad day off-

Decide if you’re going to use your active rest day to help keep blood flowing from a previously rough day’s workout or get the blood flowing through muscles you’re going to use in the day following your day off. If you let your muscles lock up after a tough day, it could be crucial, as it would be if you kept muscles idle the day before putting  them through a tough day. 

Either way, you should keep all muscles moving, even during a rest day, so that they keep constant blood flow and make it easier for recovery. It also helps a warmup if your muscles are already a little loose and warm. 

If you’re thinking its not a true rest day if you’re doing something, you’re wrong. Resting them from “intense” work is giving them a better chance at growth and recovery. And, doing activities that require a full body’s work will incorporate all of your stabilizer muscles, removing stress from isolated muscles. 

Give it a try. Plan an Active Rest Day the next couple weeks and see if you feel a difference. 

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